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  1. raised in Novigrad, Natalie got adopted into a decently wealthy family so much so that in 2005 she was sent to America to study for High School even possibly getting a chance to get an education in college. However during her final year of high school, the civil war broke out, she was never too good at studies anyway. The Civil war caused her to spend more time worrying about her family in South Zagoria, for a matter she knew that some of her family were involved in the war, including both her cousins, Romanskiy and Darya was involved in the war. Inturn she spent a lot of her time, drinking to forget and calm her nerves instead of studying for her SATs. This result in her dropping out in her last year and resorted into joining a punk style rebel group. There she learnt how to shoot, mug people and pickpocket, picking up basic skills of the street people, dying her hair blue and using multiple piercings to go with her punk style look. However, in the end of 2010, she was caught by USIS(United States Immigrant Services) and was ultimately deported back to Chernarus. Instead of going home, she reached out to her cousin Romanskiy, a war veteran of the Civil war where he served as a combat medic. After explaining the whole scenario to him, Romanskiy agreed to help her and took her south into Elektrozavodsk. Unable to get a job without a high school degree and the job market being on the low due to the recent civil war, Natalie resorted to using her skills as a pickpocket to make a living, living in a run down motel inside Elektrozavodsk, only having her cousin Romanskiy check up on her once in the while. One time, she tried to pickpocket a gopnik guy that was known for beating up Russians in the area. A local gangster beats people up for the sole purpose of revenge for the civil war even though he uses Russian in his words. That man upon seeing the punk style look of Natalie after catching her pickpocket her, proceeded to beat her with his baseball bat. That resulted in some serious injuries up until the point where she screamed in Chernarussian begging him to stop. Realizing that she was a Chernarussian, the Gopnik took her into a local shop where he patched her up. Introducing himself as Sokol, a man from Novodromisky who came down to Elektro to purge the Russians from the Fatherland. Eventually Natalie joined the little Gopnik squad that went on to beating up the Russians, blaming that all of the Russians were involved in the burning down of Romanskiy’s farm and the murder of at least 10 of her relatives. She was the first person in the small unit of 5 to found out that Sokol was a previously Cossack, only seeing his tattoos once when he was taking a bath down at the lake. After confronting Sokol about the Cossacks symbols on his back and arms, it was revealed that Sokol was actually half Russian, trained in the Cossack cadets. She decided to bring the information to the rest of the group. This resulted in the exile of Sokol from the group, soon after the group disbanded and went to Novodromisky where Romanskiy was currently residing, there she kept in contact with Sokol even after the group disbanded. When the infection broke out, Romanskiy and Natalie took shelter in a local refugee which they left soon after during the riots. Eventually Romanskiy and Natalie split up and was never again and Romanskiy was presumed to have been killed in action during a supply run.
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  3. Johan has dedicated most of his life to helping the less fortunate. Eventually, this led him to join the Swedish army. So he could volunteer for the international forces. After deployment's in Kosovo and Afghanistan. He later volunteered to be sent down to Chernarus as a part of the Nato forces. A choice he would later regret as all of Chernarus went to hell. The worse it got the further from his colleges he went. He went above and beyond to try his very best to help as many people as he could, even if that meant disobeying orders. The longer he tried to stronger his urge to help became, even if it meant risking his own life in the process. Now as he stands on the mountain looking it over the coastline he thinks back on his life debating if any of it was worth anything. If he should try to find any of his old Colleges, or if he should find a new group of friends. He looks down on his radio in his right hand and the United Nations Beret in the other. After standing there for a while he sets the beret on his head and sticks the radio back in his pocket, and makes his way down the mountain.
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  7. When I got here it was a disaster. I just wish we could go back and try again. Seeing all those people die, eat each other. but I guess it's like they say, don't let life beat you down. bloody hell maybe I should have stayed at home, but maybe if I did I would have been dead by now. but if I look on the good side, this country is bloody gorgeous. If you look away from the fact that people are eating each other. But I guess it's time to move on, let's see if I can find some of my old work mates. To be Extended
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  15. http://i.imgur.com/BCSoqcZ.png[/img] [mp3]http://puu.sh/nmFfa/9b76ea0f4d.mp3[/mp3] http://i.imgur.com/MovQJjF.png[/img] We are a band of survivors, some of us have done cruel things, others have always been kind. Torn between 2 reality's We went to seek refuge in the North. Isolated from all pain and dispair. We try to find balance in ourselves and this world We are The Severni http://i.imgur.com/iiP1dJv.png[/img] [align=justify]The Severni got created by Finnr’s desperation to get away from everything and everyone. The sudden realisation that everything he did was to destroy his own personal views, made him feel like he no longer was what he wanted or needed to be. In an attempt to think over all of his actions of the past month he ran up to the place he used to call home. There, he ran into a young woman called Darya who had come back from the forest up north, in search for her young daughter. It didn’t take long before Finnr found out she was the ex-wife of someone you could call a brother in arms. [align=justify]After Finnr had told her what happened to their daughter, Darya broke down in tears . Because of her pain, Finnr realised he needed to change. He knew he had to go get Riley, and quick. He stood up, but right before leaving she made a gesture, wanting to hand him something. He knew the girl didn’t have a lot on her. After all, she’d survived in the forest all this time. Him finding her was a matter of chance. It wasn’t much, but for Finnr it meant a lot. He had caused so much death and despair, and yet he got a gift like this for showing just one act of kindness. It was a deck of cards, and the first one he pulled out was the ace of spades. [align=justify]After going back to save Riley from the mistakes he made, he took her with him up north. When he got back, Finnr and Darya took off to look for supplies and Vasili. They went down south to the coast where they ran into two peculiar individuals who would later be known as Burke and Dani. They used to have ties with The Trust, the one group of people Finnr knew he could always rely on. Seeing as they were on their own - like the three of them - he quickly asked them to retreat from the lower realm. After they agreed, they traveled up north with Darya and Finnr. At the campfire that evening, Finnr explained what he had in mind. After meditating on the rock at Tisy summercamp, he realised that there were only a few things worth living for. It was a hard task, but one they would certainly succeed in. They left behind the broken world to ascend to a higher realm, one free from the dispair caused by others. [spoiler=Slice of Life: Kenway]Kenway Lee's inside of the mind of a sociopath It was the break of dawn when the sunshine through the slits of my window, the radio equipment I laid out begin to crackle, the smells of embers from the fire I set the night before left my room in an odd but pleasant aroma. There I lay, on my small but comfortable rug made out of a rather weird assortment of clothing covered by a the nice layer of leather. It made quite a comfortable bed, I stared at the ceiling for a while, enjoying the smell of ember, the birds chirp outside and the sounds of nature in general. It was a weird feeling, I simply don't want to get out of my bed so I just stared at the ceiling for a while. Thoughts flow through my mind, revising my routine and my schedule. I closed my eyes and thought of the flames of the previous nights. Slipping my hands under my pillow, I took out my favorite pistol, the 1911 and pointed it at the ceiling. Releasing the magazine from the gun, I checked the bullets inside to make sure everything is still pristine and the condition of the gun is still as good as I left it the night before. Taking my fingers of the thumb safety and spun the weapon in my hands for a few times before I sat up. Looking through the sights, I familiarize myself with my all time favorite weapon. It was a routine for me. I walked over to my desk lazily, and placed my pistol on the desk and organized all the folders again. Stacking all the folders in a neat stack and placing all the papers inside, making sure my desk is as organized as possible. Lifting up my cup, I took a sip of lukewarm water and waited for the soothing feeling to slide down my throat. It was no coffee but nowadays, clean lukewarm water is a luxury. I paced over to the fireplace, now in ashes and embers with a pot at the side. I can only assume the fire went out during the wee hours of the morning as the pot was still warm. Opening the lid, I reached inside and lifted up a towel, soaked in water that I boiled overnight to remove all the bacteria. I proceeded to clean myself. Every morning as I cleanse myself, I like to remind myself that I am not a perfect person, I allowed the towel and the warm water to flow down my neck and my arms, filling all the crevices for a second before flowing away. Every time the water hits a scar, I felt a sting. It reminded myself of what I've gone through in this world, and how I refuse to become soft again. After all, a battle cat is nothing without it's scarring. Tossing the towel back into the pot, I made a mental note of heating up the fire, a few hours before bed. That way I can clean myself of all the grime and dirt before I head off to bed. I reached over a rag and started to dry myself, my clothing sat on the side. I couldn't help my smile every time I look at my mask, it reminds me of who I really am. There is something I always love to say, "A sociopath wears a mask not because he doesn't want to be seen. It's because it represents who he really is." I slipped into my jacket, jeans and mask, sliding the 1911 into my jacket. I smiled, as I walked out of the door, taking my favorite fedora off the rack next to door I mumbled to myself as I opened the door. "Same shit, different day" *Lights Cigarette* [spoiler=Slice of Life: Riley]Riley Hyde's diary [align=left]Today, I woke up by the scent of roasted meat. [align=left] [align=left]After getting dressed - green jacket, black jeans, black beanie - I went outside. The cold winter wind tickling my nose made me put on my red face mask - which really is too big to fit my face. On my way to the storage, I walked past some of our people having breakfast (the roasted meat). I didn’t say hi though, well, let’s say I made some kind of awkward nodding gesture. I don’t know them - yet - so I don’t see why I should go through the effort of greeting them. Once I reach the barrel inside the shed (avoiding way too many people on my way) I swiftly grab my fishing gear, a can of peaches, and a pack of zucchini seeds. Once again passing the fire, without slowing down I drop the pack of seeds in Finnr’s lap: “Do me a favour, will ya?” I mumble. Without looking back, I set off to the nearby lake. Far enough from the fire but close enough to still hear the others, I find Vasili sitting under a big tree. I don’t know what he’s doing, and I certainly don’t care. When I pass him, I can see him looking up at me for a second. “Don’t look for too long, Vasili. My beauty might blind you, you know…” [align=left]No reaction. Fucking asshole. [align=left] [align=left]After walking for a while, I get to the swamp-like lake. Don’t be mistaken, there are actually fish living in this puddle of dirt. After emptying my backpack and preparing the gear, I sit down on a bed of pine needles. While waiting for a hungry fish who can’t resist my bait, I have to admit that the North really is colder than where we used to live. I don’t mind the cold, though. It sharpens my senses. [align=left]2 hours pass, still no fish. Nibbling on one of the canned peaches, my hands slowly start to get sticky. The juice filling up the can drips on my freshly washed clothes as I read a couple of chapters in Alice in Wonderland. Dani made me really happy when she gave it to me, and it makes me trust her a little bit more. [align=left] [align=left]By the end of the day, I managed to catch 3 fish. A big one, and 2 smaller ones. Not too impressive, I’m aware of that. Especially when there are 6 mouths to feed… At least it’s better than nothing. It had already turned dark when I could see the fire through the trees. I’m home. [align=left]After getting scolded by Finnr for staying out for so long, I proudly showed my catch to the rest of the group. However, my prey was nothing in comparison to the several rabbits Finnr and Vasili had managed to catch that day. [align=left] [align=left]For now, we’re a small community. Even though I barely talk to anyone yet, they kind of feel like family. Meaning: if someone got hurt, it would upset me. If it was Vasili… I wouldn’t give a fuck. But hey, at least I care about the others. [align=justify] [align=justify] Riley. [spoiler=Slice of Life: Finnr] Coming soon an everyday insight in the life of Finnr inside of the camp [spoiler=Slice of Life: Vasili] Coming soon an everyday insight in the life of Vasili Akulov inside of the camp http://i.imgur.com/3I6BRpC.png[/img] 1. Maintaining the balance between good and evil 2. To help those with the wooden coin 3. Give and take from the land 4. Learn to survive to gain independence 5. protect our own at all cost http://i.imgur.com/SI0NSLm.png[/img] Allied Friendly Neutral Lovec Forsaken Disliked Everyone Hated http://i.imgur.com/g0WJ2oI.png[/img] LEADER Darya Akulov THE LOYAL Dani Beddingfield THE TRUSTED James Graham Roman Akulov Daniel Bazinov Slade Chambers Scotty Matthias THE TRIALS Milos Petrovich Jakob Reyes Jack Lemons http://i.imgur.com/uPF9qVG.png[/img]
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