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  1. The Tower

    MSpaint marches on!
  2. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    5/10 not cute nuff
  3. The Tower

    If you hear someone shooting the Mario theme song, you found us -- Inside joke ^^
  4. The Tower

    To mspaint i GO!
  5. Zoe Fletcher

    Backstory: Zoe grew up close to the city of Cardiff. Her family was rather poor. Upon turning 18 she enlisted in the British Army. However after spending roughly Three years in the service she resigned and decided to dedicate her life to helping those in need. She signed up as a volunteer aid worker with the Red Cross. Through most of her adult life she has had a strange fascination with Virology and human Psychology. Personality: Because of her early life she has troubles with people thinking they are worth more than others. Because of her adult life she tries to do whatever she can to help people less fortunate then her, her military experience makes her willing to fight to help others, she would even be willing to lay down her life to save someone that deserves it.
  6. The Tower

    Who needs shiney things, when you have a tower
  7. Best Line when approaching players

    I think "Hello" works the best .....
  8. I have returned to destroy you!

    *Insert Imperial March*

    1. Lemons


      "Oh no" 

      *Looks scared*

      Welcome back dude :P

  9. How i found the Activity Feed