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  1. Johan Rolf Erikson

    Johan has dedicated most of his life to helping the less fortunate. Eventually, this led him to join the Swedish army. So he could volunteer as a united nations peacekeeper. And the longer he did it the more it consumed his life. And now he is 41 and standing in Chernarus, looking out over the ocean thinking to himself if this is truly the end of the human race. Holding his radio in his hand he debates contacting his colleagues, or to seek out contact with the group he has spent the last week stalking.
  2. The Tower

    MSpaint marches on!
  3. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    5/10 not cute nuff
  4. The Tower

    If you hear someone shooting the Mario theme song, you found us -- Inside joke ^^
  5. The Tower

    To mspaint i GO!
  6. Zoe Fletcher

    When I got here it was a disaster. I just wish we could go back and try again. Seeing all those people die, eat each other. but I guess it's like they say, don't let life beat you down. bloody hell maybe I should have stayed at home, but maybe if I did I would have been dead by now. but if I look on the good side, this country is bloody gorgeous. If you look away from the fact that people are eating each other. But I guess it's time to move on, let's see if I can find some of my old work mates. To be Extended
  7. The Tower

    Who needs shiney things, when you have a tower
  8. Where does your Political Compass lie?

    That appears to be right on the money
  9. Best Line when approaching players

    I think "Hello" works the best .....
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    I have returned to destroy you!

    *Insert Imperial March*

    1. Lemons


      "Oh no" 

      *Looks scared*

      Welcome back dude :P

  10. How i found the Activity Feed