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  1. raised in Novigrad, Natalie got adopted into a decently wealthy family so much so that in 2005 she was sent to America to study for High School even possibly getting a chance to get an education in college. However during her final year of high school, the civil war broke out, she was never too good at studies anyway. The Civil war caused her to spend more time worrying about her family in South Zagoria, for a matter she knew that some of her family were involved in the war, including both her cousins, Romanskiy and Darya was involved in the war. Inturn she spent a lot of her time, drinking to forget and calm her nerves instead of studying for her SATs. This result in her dropping out in her last year and resorted into joining a punk style rebel group. There she learnt how to shoot, mug people and pickpocket, picking up basic skills of the street people, dying her hair blue and using multiple piercings to go with her punk style look. However, in the end of 2010, she was caught by USIS(United States Immigrant Services) and was ultimately deported back to Chernarus. Instead of going home, she reached out to her cousin Romanskiy, a war veteran of the Civil war where he served as a combat medic. After explaining the whole scenario to him, Romanskiy agreed to help her and took her south into Elektrozavodsk. Unable to get a job without a high school degree and the job market being on the low due to the recent civil war, Natalie resorted to using her skills as a pickpocket to make a living, living in a run down motel inside Elektrozavodsk, only having her cousin Romanskiy check up on her once in the while. One time, she tried to pickpocket a gopnik guy that was known for beating up Russians in the area. A local gangster beats people up for the sole purpose of revenge for the civil war even though he uses Russian in his words. That man upon seeing the punk style look of Natalie after catching her pickpocket her, proceeded to beat her with his baseball bat. That resulted in some serious injuries up until the point where she screamed in Chernarussian begging him to stop. Realizing that she was a Chernarussian, the Gopnik took her into a local shop where he patched her up. Introducing himself as Sokol, a man from Novodromisky who came down to Elektro to purge the Russians from the Fatherland. Eventually Natalie joined the little Gopnik squad that went on to beating up the Russians, blaming that all of the Russians were involved in the burning down of Romanskiy’s farm and the murder of at least 10 of her relatives. She was the first person in the small unit of 5 to found out that Sokol was a previously Cossack, only seeing his tattoos once when he was taking a bath down at the lake. After confronting Sokol about the Cossacks symbols on his back and arms, it was revealed that Sokol was actually half Russian, trained in the Cossack cadets. She decided to bring the information to the rest of the group. This resulted in the exile of Sokol from the group, soon after the group disbanded and went to Novodromisky where Romanskiy was currently residing, there she kept in contact with Sokol even after the group disbanded. When the infection broke out, Romanskiy and Natalie took shelter in a local refugee which they left soon after during the riots. Eventually Romanskiy and Natalie split up and was never again and Romanskiy was presumed to have been killed in action during a supply run.
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  3. Johan has dedicated most of his life to helping the less fortunate. Eventually, this led him to join the Swedish army. So he could volunteer for the international forces. After deployment's in Kosovo and Afghanistan. He later volunteered to be sent down to Chernarus as a part of the Nato forces. A choice he would later regret as all of Chernarus went to hell. The worse it got the further from his colleges he went. He went above and beyond to try his very best to help as many people as he could, even if that meant disobeying orders. The longer he tried to stronger his urge to help became, even if it meant risking his own life in the process. Now as he stands on the mountain looking it over the coastline he thinks back on his life debating if any of it was worth anything. If he should try to find any of his old Colleges, or if he should find a new group of friends. He looks down on his radio in his right hand and the United Nations Beret in the other. After standing there for a while he sets the beret on his head and sticks the radio back in his pocket, and makes his way down the mountain.
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  7. When I got here it was a disaster. I just wish we could go back and try again. Seeing all those people die, eat each other. but I guess it's like they say, don't let life beat you down. bloody hell maybe I should have stayed at home, but maybe if I did I would have been dead by now. but if I look on the good side, this country is bloody gorgeous. If you look away from the fact that people are eating each other. But I guess it's time to move on, let's see if I can find some of my old work mates. To be Extended
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