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  1. *What seems to be near static breaks the radio silence* "*zffffffzfzzzzz*--Brother--*zzzzfffzzfzzfffzzzzzz*--zino is where I--*zfffzfzzzzzzzffff*--an't stay long Felix--*zzzfzfffffzzzzz*--lease try to fin--*zzfzf*-- I miss you--*zffzfffffzzzzfzff*" *The transmission is lost and nothing can be heard afterwards*
  2. Jacek's POV I logged in recently and moved to stary where my group was. There was many people around so we decide to leave and head for the hill north of stary. we see people running and watch them but they soon start shooting at us. The video covers the rest. https://youtu.be/ebGWTNOycDQ
  3. Patryk Trela's POV Basically like the POV above, me and the rest of the Regulators were at the gas station when we heard shots from Kamenka so we went to investigate. We found Sam Rush and he was moving around nervously and eventually said that he had to go. We then see Aiden coming out of the brush with his gun raised and we tell him to lower it without initiating on him. We talk some more and as stated above he says he is a apart of the Masquerade and we try to get him to take off the mask but he refuses and we initiate Aiden and Sam start running breaking NVFL. We then kill Sam and then Aiden runs out of ammo and flips us off whilst spinning around before Murdock kills him for not complying and attempted murder.
  4. You called? *Reveals Regulator Tattoo* My Reg character is still alive... stay tuned!
  5. Just some screenshots I got a couple days ago!
  6. I was a Regulator and I guess now is the time to see how it was like to be a prisoner! count me in. Also I would recommend that the guards should wear the police cap and the Warden should wear those soviet officers caps or what ever they are called, that's how we did it in the Regs
  7. It was fun I'll tell you that and I hope to do it again sometime soon
  8. *Patryk sits in his home on the old dusty couch looking at the broken TV thinking it will turn on any second, but then he remembers about Chad and wonders where he has been. He then picks up his radio and pushes the button* "Chad, ya still out there? It's been a while, where have you been my friend? Anyways we have moved from our last location, contact me on the old, well, you know what frequency. hope to hear from you soon" *The radio is then placed on Patryk's lap as he continues to stare at the broken old TV, thinking about all the great movies before the outbreak*
  9. Quite a posh looking fart I must say 9/10
  10. [video=youtube] The last Time Tate Hallows will be seen by another Regulator or anyone for the matter for a long long time. Sorry for all the Sniffling near the end of the video as this was probably the most emotional Rp I have ever had . o7
  11. *Salutes Tate and starts to slowly walk away* It was a great run boys!
  12. Was fun Rping with Cowboy, Ezra, Rudolf, and the priest today! Hope to do it again!
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