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  1. Frank Cartwright

    Born in Nashville Tennessee, Frank was a very sporty kid who loved to play sports and enjoyed his education. He was one of the best football players in his High School as well as the top of his class. He was a very peaceful type of person as he never got into any fights at school. He loved to help people whether it be on advice or with their homework. Due to this trait of his it led him into joining the UN as he wanted to help people all around the world no matter what the situation was. When the outbreak started he volunteered to come to the country as he wanted to see the world and this was a place he had never thought of going.While on the transport Frank was briefed about the situation being told that the World Health Organization had never seen such a plague and that this deployment will be a difficult and dangerous one. Frank does not really think a conflict like this one would be much of a hassle so he brushed off the warning. Upon entering the region Frank quickly learned that this place was a living hell. People who he thought were normal everyday people would charge at his squad, ignoring commands, and soaking up bullets. He witnessed things he would never forget as he watched his close friends being eaten alive by the contaminated ones. Eventually the mission changed from trying to find out what had happened in the region to trying to survive to see another day. Everyday was a war fighting against the contaminated with minimal help from the outside world. The promise of evacuation was growing fainter and fainter with everyday that passes, however Frank keeps his head held high hoping that one day he escapes Chernarus and maybe be back home where hopefully everything is normal.
  2. Brother...(Open Frequency)

    *What seems to be near static breaks the radio silence* "*zffffffzfzzzzz*--Brother--*zzzzfffzzfzzfffzzzzzz*--zino is where I--*zfffzfzzzzzzzffff*--an't stay long Felix--*zzzfzfffffzzzzz*--lease try to fin--*zzfzf*-- I miss you--*zffzfffffzzzzfzff*" *The transmission is lost and nothing can be heard afterwards*