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  1. Wendsill

    Issues this Community is facing

    Maybe you should have browsed the forum abit and read all the posts where staffmembers promise all kind of things and then see for yourself how many of those promises have been kept, or how many times concerns like these have been posted and staff promised to listen. I'd have been insulting if I'd take things down to a personal level, or if I singled out a person, neither of which I've done. Whats insulting is that the community points out issues for months and that nothing happens with it.
  2. Wendsill

    Issues this Community is facing

    I'm glad you are saying that you are approachable and willing to listen to issues the community has. I'm also glad we have to be contructive and politely when we formulate those concerns, but lets be honest nothing has changed lately, nor will going to change at all. No matter how things are formulated, you (staff) will pretend to listen but not amend your ways even when those ways area clearly wrong. Show me staff is willing to amend and I might adjust, untill then you and every other staffmember is -to put it bluntly- just full of bull.
  3. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    So just for future reference, who are my friends according to you? And unlike you, I've been in game recently, had a great ERP session, you should try it.
  4. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    @Rolle, you should stop thinking. Clearly it hurts so much you speak nonsense and gibberish. If anything I've always fought for the better of this community both during my time in staff and as a "loud and toxic" community member as you so eloquantly describe. The main problem here, besides the obvious issue of lack of quality in staff, that I've tried to be polite when adressing a concern. Sadly, you and your staffteam have difficulty listening to politeness. I've noticed that the only way to get a reaction when adressing a concern is to be loud, to be unpolite and to create drama. Ofcourse its always easy to blame it on "the negative people", it gives staff after all a common enemy, pretty sure your slack chat is full a rants against "the negative people", but it wouldnt hurt when you look in the mirror once in a while and reflect upon yourself and your actions instead of always trying to shift the blame to somebody else.
  5. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    So anybody who is not agreeing with how this business is run is toxic and only wants to see the community fail..../Logic Guess this is a goodbye then for @Voodoo, @Tosh, @Ellie, @Meowtica, @Mamba, @Rampage, @Wendsill, @Brad and countless other who have spend hours and hours trying to do their best for this community.
  6. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    I know they all returned and some left again, funny thing is that Rolles behaviour is also going around in circles and is now back where it was when they left. And if you had actually understood what I said, you'd have known it wasnt about abandoning ship, it was about making a statement.
  7. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    Once upon a time in the past, there was this "disagreement" between @Rolle and the adminteam. They made a statement by collectively leaving staff. They had the balls to take action. I see alot of similarities between the actions of @Rolle back then and now. So far I've seen staffmembers in here all telling that they do not agree with the decision, maybe unite yourselves and have the balls to do the same? The staffposition is already tarnished enough without @Rolle acting like a little kid and making things worse with his abusive and inconsistent behaviour. This business will go down the drain soon if you continue down this road, not due lack of customers but due to the lack of a competent owner. At least you still got your precious new side project with @JimRP when that happens.
  8. Wendsill

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    @Rampage, you answer your question yourself already. There are no more standard punishments, so you can basicly get permad for everything now. Whether that makes any sense or is justificable is another question...
  9. Wendsill

    Staff Feedback

    So then you get a plethoria of threads all regarding different staffmembers instead of one thread where all feedback can be posted.. Or, you know, there could be one thread, where people can post feedback and where staff actually enforces if the post is not feedback. Obviously option one seems like the most logical thing to do...
  10. Wendsill

    Staff Feedback

    Consider this feedback then, had you done your job better the thread would still be open.
  11. Wendsill

    Kos or killing a complying hostage ?

    /Sarcasm on: And just as I thought that the major staff fuck ups were so two weeks ago you guys go through all this trouble to prove me wrong..... /Sarcasm off. I'm going to be honest here and it might come out a little blunt, but seriously; Are you guys retarded? I honestly do not know what you have been sniffing up the nose to come up with such a verdict, overturning of a verdict and what ever else, but seeing the amount of bullshit coming from you; that stuff has got to be good..... I'm not going to claim bias here, as I cannot prove it, but seeing once again that @JimRP has been involved I can only claim that when ever he is involved in a report ridicilous things happen. Continue down this road and you might get out of business soon..
  12. Wendsill

    Where can I leave my staff feedback?

    Question is in the title? If I want to give feedback on staffactions, where do I do that since Rolle closed down the thread. How is staff going to handle all the seperate threads giving feedback to which ever staffmember? Will points be handled out for that? Maybe next time, keep it open while thinking of an alternative, instead of shutting it down cause you think it doesnt serve its purpose...
  13. Wendsill

    Common Sense

    Common sense allows the staffteam to think for themselves, if anything has been proven during the last couple of months its their inability to do just that. Rules should be black and white, if they're not then adjust the rules to make them black and white again, not add another set of rules which are open for debate.
  14. Wendsill

    "Case by Case" and "Standard Punishment"

    Kat, such a system you are proposing requires a staff team which knows what they are doing. I do not think that the current team is ready for it, nor will it be ready for it ever, there is simply not enough quality.
  15. Wendsill

    West coast running?

    Clearly used a broken compass, at least the meming in here is consistent...
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