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  1. Born in London, Jake grew up with his parents in a poorer part of the city. Jake was always reserved and was never very socially adept even from a young age. Although not very social Jake was always much smarter than the rest of his peers and passed through main stream school with high grades ( Especially in scientific studies ) and managed to get himself enrolled at Cambridge university where he would study particle physics. Days before his 18th birthday while driving to the beach for a days outing with the family the car was T-boned by an 18 wheeler, this took the lives of both his parents and left him with scarring and a years worth of physio therapy, however his mental wellbeing never fully recovered. A week before the outbreak Jake decided to take a small holiday to Nyheim while school was out. While on holiday Jake began to see what was about to unfold through news stories and internet articles, knowing there was a possibility of civil unrest he made plans to leave the town he was staying at and go for a hike ( His excuse to him for leaving ). He grabbed all the supplies he had close to him which was lacklustre at best and headed for a well known trail. While on the trail Jake became lost in the nature and beautiful landscape and finding himself walking an talking with a woman native to Nyheim, she was very sweet and kind-hearted. As they crested the hill overlooking a town in the hills Jake saw multiple fires erupting from the town and distant screams could be heard. The woman, Emily, was shocked and immediately claims they needed to head down and see if they could help, Jake however understood what was unfolding below and after a headed argument convinced her that it would be suicide. 3 days passed as they set a little camp out at a designated site just down trail. At sunset as the who were talking 4 men approached them wearing masks and balaclavas, they immediately knocked Jake to the floor and began making advances towards the Emily. Jake tried to grab one of the men but was thrown down and beaten with the butt of a shotgun. after regaining consciousness Jake was presented with the men raiding all of the little they had and beating Emily, at some point in the altercation she bite one of the attackers and without hesitation the man shot her twice in the chest. The man then said something to the other in the native language of which Jake did not speak however it was clear the meaning behind it, before Jake could process the events one man pointed his gun and him and fired. Jake awoke a second time now to find the mans aim was not to par and has only grazed Jakes head on the left side. Jake sad by the now dead Emily and sank deeper into a state of shock. After a few hours had passed Jake has what some would call an epiphany, his face sunk into a grey emotionless expression and he knew what he would do, he would find those sick fucks and all those like them. And he would bring them penance !
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