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  1. Well I guess that's just how it is until they fix it then. I appreciate the quick response. You can close this now. Definitely does put a damper on coming back, I'll have to be really careful with how I type so I don't end up making gibberish sentences.
  2. So after coming back from a little mental health break I ran into someone while trying to get some things that were lost to a crash and run into someone. I type at them but realize that whatever I had typed out hadn't actually come up on the chat screen, but he still responded and knew what I was saying. I am...Not sure how that happened, but I haven't changed anything as far as settings go since I last played and this was not an issue. I'm not sure if this is some kind of "no echo" thing like some text games have where you don't see your own typing or if it's an actual bug, and if there is a fix for it. I've not been able to find anything else going on with it either, but it certainly sort of kills your flow if you're doing more than one post and you want to be sure that if you get cut off mid-sentence that what you're typing makes sense. I know this is a "text RP problem" and not exactly high on the list but it's just...Baffling and I can't see any immediate cause for it. Any help?
  3. Whipping wind could be heard by anyone coming channel surfing on their radio, or to those who might have been tuned in to the frequency because of the speaker's previous broadcasts. The sound of rain pattering on a metal roof was audible as well before the soft, southern tenor took over in his usual, quiet style. "Howdy folks. I want to give an apology to my friends who I was helping out. It seems on my trip for supplies and to talk to some folks in Novodmitrovsk, apologies if I butchered that name, I got a little sidetracked. Had a backpack full of supplies to lug back along with my own bag when I noticed some prints leading up north and a bit of carnage. Now despite being a southern boy I never hunted much, only studied about tracking and, sure enough, apparently up in the northern forest by the border I found a bear that had just gotten out of hibernation. To assuage any fears, I'm fine." His speech was cut off by a dry, weary chuckle before he continued. "Seems whatever's gotten into the wolves is affecting larger animals too, and this one wasn't particularly happy to see me, and I wasn't particularly expecting to see a bear. I thought I'd find some horde of zombies I could try to pick off or at least track for a bit to see if they'd be posing a problem to people I thought were in the area. Long story short, when a bear roars at you, throwing a backpack full of tools at it isn't a horrible way to distract it, but apparently it ripped everything apart while I tried to get some distance and get my shotgun out. I always knew they were fast, but it's hard to gauge until you're out in the middle of nowhere with one bearing down on you, pun intended. I've got bearskin to keep me warm for the rest of winter, but I got knocked around a bit in the process and needed to take a breather. I'll try to be coming back to the area and the people I spoke to last, because I'm not sure how public you want things being. I apologize for not being able to keep my word and get the stuff you needed. I know it's not the same now but I'm on my way back around the area doing a sweep for what you needed. Got some of it, ended up losing more than I thought in the scrap since the guy tore up my backpack as well and just...I'm sorry. I'll try to catch up and leave an update soon but I'm going to take a break right now while it's raining and get something to eat, maybe rest a bit. Bundle up everyone, snow might be melting where I'm at, but the rain will still chill you to the bone. Stay safe folks."
  4. Mace

    Looking for some weeds? [Open freq]

    In lieu of the usual sounds of nature that came with the man's broadcast, a distinct quiet was in the air, broken only by the faint groaning of distant zombies. "I may be coming to Vybor but the trip will take a while. I'm trying to cultivate my own strain, but I'm looking for something with more CBD than THC. The person who stole what I had so far and my seeds has yet to return anything, and I'd like to get something to help with pain. Sativa, preferably. I'm not a fan of the couchlock on a lot of the indica I've had. If you might be able to help, or give me some pointers about cultivating I'd be happy to share some of the products with you."
  5. The sound of heavy wind filtering through broken windows could be heard, the outside weather muffled, though not quite as muted as one might hope when taking shelter. The transmission remained dead for a moment or two before the soft, southern tenor came on the waves. "To the person who stole my leather...I hope you needed it. You took nearly fifty pounds of half-cured and honestly fairly thin hides that still needed time to soak to properly tan and aren't suitable for anything shy of...Drying and putting on a wall? Maybe? You dumped my tannin liqueur, meaning I'll have to start on that again, and you just humped it through the woods with enough material that I could have truly started to work on making something again." He paused, sighed, and the sound of shifted seemed to denote a shaking of his head. "Goat pelts are not the best fodder for drying. Even sheep is better, honestly. I got those out of convenience after a bit of hunting for food, with the people I was there with being gracious enough to bring back the skins so I could work on starting something up. Even for something thin like goat hide though, unless you're going to continue the process, it's not going to do you very much good. I was even using first batch liqueur but they'd barely been in there a few days, man. You try to craft anything from that and, at best, it's going to look atrocious and maybe provide a bit of warmth. At worst it's going to be ready to fall off of you and not stand up to any kind of actual tailoring you could do with it." "I don't know if you just saw something you thought was valuable and stole it, or if maybe you're some leather savant and know exactly how long in the process it was and wanted to save yourself some trouble, but...Well, I hope you needed it. I hope lugging fifty dry pounds of half-tanned, soaking wet goat skin in the middle of winter helped you to survive another day. I dismantled my tannery and I'm going to be moving it since obviously where I had it is compromised, but I want you to know you stopped me from being able to help a lot of people with the tail end of this cold weather. I can't imagine a use for everything I had in there in the state it was in, or why it would even be appealing." Another pause came with an audible thump of the speaker shifting, a weary sigh echoed in the background. "Stay safe everyone, and bundle up. I had been hoping to surprise people by getting back into business through the proper channels and trying to keep them warm, but I guess I'll have to try again somewhere else. If nothing else I'll have some decent travel gear ready come spring. Hopefully."
  6. The sound of a crackling fire could be heard as a transmission cut in, the speaker possessing a soft tenor and beginning with what seemed to be a Latin prayer. "Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra, salva nos ab igne inferiori, perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas, quae misericordiae, tuae maxime indigent." After a moment the man began to speak in English, his accent obviously from the American south. "Religion can divide men as easily as it can bring them together. I hope that any issues you have with other religions in the area can be resolved peacefully in the future and through understanding. Take care, and bundle up, all of you."
  7. Exactly, I'd love to make a topic on torture, both physical and mental, and the impact it can have on a person. An emphasis on the idea of shock and how it can affect someone being tortured, and the overall uselessness (As has been studied) of torture on gaining viable intelligence since most people from what I remember reading tend to agree that any kind of "enhanced interrogation" yields whatever sort of information the person believes will get the acts to stop. That right there is an interesting point, I think, and one that could definitely be given more weight in the form of RP. It should be something that is fairly common knowledge, though I also think a lot of torture is motivated more toward the idea of revenge or some show of dominance rather than the extraction of potentially useful and secret information. Emotion in general can be hard to pin down, and even in voice it can be difficult for people to find a way to really make it hit you. There are some people in the community who have skill with their voice that can punch you in the gut with emotion, and that can be hard to emulate through text simply because it's a different experience, it touches different parts of your brain and you can't go into it expecting exactly the same thing from both. In April I'll have been doing text RP for 22 years now, and while I started out as a whippersnapper when I was very young, but despite it all I'm still the most critical of what I write because I'm always trying to improve, and that is another attitude I think should be more widespread among the community and that I don't see the hints of that I'd like to. Sort of tying in with what Jerry said, I think one of the issues with what a lot of people see as a dip in quality over the years is a kind of complacence with what they put out which I can just never agree with. There is a sort of sentiment I've seen before that "If it's not reported for BadRP it's good RP" which isn't really the case, and you should never assume you gave someone great RP, or even assume that what you consider to be great RP you see between two groups was great RP for the people involved. It's such a subjective, finnicky thing that plays on these tastes of a community of people not only as individuals but from different parts of the world where there are a lot of different styles and focuses to take into account. One thing I like to point out is an old, old tabletop game called Shadowrun. I love it, it's one of my favorite games, and we've just recently had a resurgence of it with the video games and fourth and fifth edition, but back in the 90's Shadowrun's third edition just sort of faded away in America, but in Germany? Germans fucking LOVE Shadowrun, they got some books published that were only ever published in German because it was such a big thing over there and that were never officially translated. The whole near-future dystopia idea was much bigger there and it is still fairly niche here (Though it has its resurgences now and then, I think Cyberpunk 2077 will be a big help to that) but that can affect the sort of formative growth of someone in what they view as important in a narrative and that translates to what they believe is important in RP. I ultimately just want to try to encourage people not to blame entire swaths or styles of RP even if you have bad experiences with them. It's a big RP world out there so never be afraid of experimenting with something. Make a villain, make a hero, make a pacifist, try it all and explore not only what you get but what you give to people and always try to be better, always strive to give people the great RP you'd love to receive in every interaction in game. I want to raise the bar for the server, and I think a big part of that is having a closer, more understanding community.
  8. See, it may seem a bit odd but this is what I'd like to see happen in this thread. I like to hear people's opinion because the general idea is, in my opinion, that everyone can do better, and by simply pointing a finger at someone you aren't doing anything, especially if you are pointing a finger at a group of people simply because you had a bad experience. I'd like to point out again that it wasn't my intention to direct this solely at people who are focused on more hostile activities in game, nor do I think you are without your moments of internal RP or character growth, but because I have seen this tribalism grow from my own time back in late 2012 until we actually had to whitelist in 2013. I can understand the mentality behind seeing the same things happening overall in a city or a place that has some semblance of security to it, but as I stated in my post that is part of the psychology of humans and it makes sense in an apocalyptic setting to band together because that's just what humans do. I harbor no intention of trying to defend people who end up just doing silly things for the sake of doing silly things because they think they're in a place where people won't initiate on them, and honestly if I thought my computer could handle it I'm sure I would have recorded and reported quite a few people for what I think is RP that is harmful overall to the server. As for people who generally focus on more hostile characters and RP I find myself having far fewer fond memories than frustrating ones, and of course that informs my own opinions on things but I also try to remember that ultimately we are individuals and that there's no reason to let the poor RP of a person or a group of people create a stigma over a concept of RP as a whole, and I've listed some of the reasons that I think that happens in that lack of understanding that as soon as a person initiates, they should understand they are taking responsibility for the RP. Yes, the person initiated on has their own responsibility and burden to bear, but the one in control of a scene is the one the onus falls on to try to make sure something enjoyable is had by the involved parties and that, in my own experiences, seems to be something that some groups do not understand or do not take into consideration with what they do, and it's why I mentioned it. It's not meant as a chastisement, but as a reminder, a pointer to this so that people can try to create better RP overall, just like I point out the fact (and would like to reiterate just for emphasis) that those who are initiated on in a scene shouldn't be a dead fish during it. I'm glad to hear the opinions of someone who has been around as long as I have, and while I can agree that I think there have been some dips in the overall quality of things it's hard for me to put a finger on why exactly I feel this way and I have to temper my own memories and experiences with the realization that nostalgia is a powerful thing and that I simply enjoyed (And still do enjoy) the mod better than I do DayZ in its current iteration. As buggy and broken as it was, and with fewer survival elements to it, it offered an avenue for the customization of RP around looser restrictions that made for some more enjoyable times in my opinion, but that's neither here nor there. I just think there are people who believe that "passive RP" as Xavier put it is somehow inferior or less fulfilling in some way from comments or criticisms that they make of it, and I think all RP can be good if people are serious about it and put in effort. The whole point of this post was to try to bring everyone together for the betterment of RP and break down the idea of barriers or differences since ultimately we are all here to have fun in our own way. @Xavier I'm actually upset that the character limit for text was reverted in this latest version. In .62 I believe we actually had more to work with per post and while it was still nothing like you'd get in a proper text-based game it let people like myself put a bit more detail into things without having to make multiple posts and risk people not being able to see them all. You do, however, bring up a good point and while it's one that I don't quite agree with, it is worth mentioning: Emotion via text. I've written about this before in text-based game communities but sadly my time in them was so far gone that none of the forums are still active or I've simply forgotten names as my memory gets worse. I believe voice can be a powerful thing to those who are skillful with it. There are some people in our community that could easily do voice acting with a bit of formal training (If they haven't already gotten it) and have absolutely lovely voices and characterization. That said, there are situations in which I believe voice takes away quite a bit and can be a detriment compared to text, though please understand that I realize my own bias in this despite trying to be objective. Voice RP is something that requires practice, just like text RP, but when in a suitable situation I do try to make sure (And I think other people can attest to this) that there is emotion in what I produce through text and that I try to offer tidbits of detail that you can't get through a focus solely on voice. I do quite enjoy physical detail, remembering I cut my teeth years ago in text RP and I've worked with it for so long, and I find the entire "gesture wheel" system a bit limiting just as you find text limiting in proper conveyance of emotion for scenes. That said just like I think there are things that can be overcome with text if you practice and show care in what you produce, the same is certainly true with voice. There are people who have mimicked some rather gruesome injuries after torture or who have created very compelling and realistic sounds in response to abuse or emotional stress that can really pluck at your heartstrings, just the way (in my opinion) good writing can. While in my opinion I think text RP is, overall, a better way to RP and again I admit my own bias in that, I'd never begrudge anyone the chance to experiment with voice RP or to try to practice and become more skilled with it, it's something that requires an adjustment of expectations, and I'm totally aware of why people might not want to do that or why they might think it isn't something worth they time going both ways, but much like everything else in my original post I'm always pushing for experimentation, understanding, and growth. If we get to RP sometime when it isn't hectic I hope to show you some text RP that I think I do fairly well at in hopes of changing your mind. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, who knows? I'd still like the chance sometime though, and even if you don't end up enjoying it or are critical of it, that's an opportunity for me to improve. Edit: +1 for /me, please.
  9. This is something I've noticed for quite some time, particularly in DayZRP over other servers that I spend my time on and other genres of games (And styles of gameplay that the RP takes place in). In the time I've spent in chat games or even servers for things like NWN1 and 2 I've not really seen so much tribalism and "us vs. them" mentality against people who role-play for different reasons, and I think a thorough and respectful look at it might help to educate some people and what I personally have seen seems to come from people toward the "Campfire RP" aspect of the community which I feel I would clearly label myself as part of, I think I might be able to help humanize some concepts for people that might see this as something stale or boring or simply not as "valid" a type of role-play to be done on the server as whatever it is that they identify themselves with. Now I will note here that this is not a condemnation on the role-play style of others, though I might add what I believe to be genuine critique on people for particular things but I will do my best to do this in the focus on helping people to understand the perspective of the sort of "other" that seems to be vilified by some people. This post was inspired by @Jerry's comment on the thread Force PK's in public executions.. Now I already addressed what I believed to be the issue in that topic and I'd like for it not to spill over here, but I mention this person and his post specifically because I think it touches upon that very sense of community tribalism that this post is meant to address. To be perfectly clear, I looked at Jerry's profile and his character, and I think, while a bit odd, it is an interesting one and one that does actually have some merit in bringing about good role-play if done well. I don't think I've actually met the person in game and I cannot say anything about them beyond that besides giving them what I believe are well-deserved kudos for a character concept that at least I have no seen in this form so far on DayZRP. What I'd like to address is what comes across to me as the mocking way in which "Campfire text RPers" is used almost as an epithet, as if this is something deserving of ridicule, and Jerry is far from the first person I've seen who feels this way, and I want to reiterate that this is not calling him out or saying that I am upset by his particular use of it, only to give a concrete example I do not have to dig through logs to show of the way it has been used in the past and continues to be used as recently as a few minutes ago to sort of disparage people who have this particular view on what role-play should be and what they get out of the game itself. The first point I'd like to make is that, at the end of the day, this is a game. That can be hard to remember sometimes, and I've certainly gotten more upset over it than was healthy, my first punishment was a warning for a post about a bandit group I believed to be abusing the rules to assault a compound as soon as the (then present) cooldown timer had expired simply to get into firefights. There were obviously better ways to go about this and to try to open a line of communication where a better understanding between parties could be reached, and I think that sort of thing needs to happen here. For years I've seen "Campfire RP" used almost like a slur as I said before, as something that people are accused of as if they should be ashamed of it, so let's address a few things from the perspective of someone who is, I think most people would agree, a Campfire Text Rper. What is Campfire RP? Now this might be slightly contentious because I've seen people refer to it as separate things. Some people believe that any sort of slow-paced, relaxed setting in which characters share stories or experiences is Campfire RP. Some people believe that it is when people go off and role-play by themselves somewhere away from populated areas. It seems the common thread in the various implied definitions is that it is what happens between moments of conflict, that it is the social, the relaxed, the sort of casual conversation between a group of people in a way where there is no immediate threat or danger being posed. Now this is not to say it is the same as what has been come to be labeled as "internal RP" in a group, though obviously this could be Campfire RP as well, but it tends to swing more toward the role-play done with a group during times of travel with some Campfire RP thrown in during moments of characterization during the aforementioned times of quiet and calm. Now, it is important to point out that you may not agree with this, and if you do not I'd like for you to post what you believe these definitions to be. These are what I've come to know them as, but because they are the constructs of people who have different opinions and views on the meaning of the terms they can man quite a few different things to different people, and that is part of the reason I think that it creates this "us vs. them" mentality. The idea of the "Other" that is often used in rhetoric against those who do not share similar interests or goals. Now the purpose of this post and this call to discussion is not the defending of Campfire RP, but I will add a section later about my own interest and what I get out of the game that I urge you to read if you are someone who uses this term as an epithet because I'd like for everyone to come out of this with a bit of understanding about others who come to this game and see it as something different or who get different things from it. A Goalless Game What is the "Goal" of DayZRP? Well, I think the most commonly accepted answer would be "To Role-Play." That is what we're here for at the end of the day, but there are people who even see this as something different. There are (And again I am not targeting other members of the community and I will not name specific ones) characters that could be considered milquetoast if we are being generous, and there are those who have obviously more time and effort put into the characterization on their character page. Now this does not mean that the character will be as shallow or as deep as they appear from this reference in game, and sometimes the opposite can be true as there are simply some people who are better or worse at the outlining of a character than they are at the playing of said character to this outline. However I'd like to point out that there are some characters that, for lack of experience or lack of care, do come across as little more than a faceless avatar with which someone can play out a power fantasy. Is that wrong? Well, that's not necessarily a black-and-white topic. Everyone gets something different out of the game. Everyone plays their character for a different reason and toward a different end. There are people who want to see the character deepen and they want to push things to see what will happen, how they will react, and how the character will change because they value the malleability of a character to a situation above the more structured ideas that some have about playing a character from point A to point B to point C. Neither of these are inherently superior, though I think in a setting like DayZRP the malleability of a character, and the malleability of a player willing to work with these hiccups in the development of a character, can be seen as a boon because this game opens doors to more improvisational role-play in situations than other games might. Now there are some people who are here to be bandits. There are some people who obviously want to play only for the gunfights, the robbing, the torturing. Is that wrong? Again, it's not quite a black-and-white answer, but wanting to play an evil character is also not a valid reason to try to besmirch someone or think that their reason, their goal in this game is lesser. As people who are more often malicious in their characters often point out, and it is a point I wholeheartedly agree with, conflict is required in a story to grow. The world needs villains, though my personal belief is that there are certain responsibilities than villains should understand they take on in situations that I do not think many would agree with here, and that comes from my own time as a villain in other settings where I have been, essentially the "Big Bad" of a server and often was the one doing the robbing, pillaging, and much worse myself, but I will address that in a small tangent later. Us and Them Some of us are here to survive. Some of us are here to thrive. Some of us are here to prey. Some of us are even here to be preyed upon. None of these, I would say, is a more valid breakdown of a character synopsis or a player's intent than any other. This is a game. The ultimate goal behind the curtain is to enjoy yourself, but when a game requires conflict in less structured and more "freeform" (To use an archaic term I apologize for) ways there are going to be people both on the giving and receiving ends who feel affronted if things don't go their way. They are going to see either a lack of cooperation, a lack of effort, or a lack of overall quality for whatever reason as a personal issue, and part of that is just human nature when it comes to games. If I am abducted and, for whatever reason, my RP is subpar and the people who abducted me are not enjoying it, they may very well feel as if I'm wasting their time, as if they are doing something to try to progress their own story and I am impeding that, preventing them from getting what they enjoy out of this game. By the same token I have had instances in the past, years ago, where I was kidnapped and held hostage, or simply robbed, with little or no effort put into it. No characterization came from it beyond being upset ICly at the people who robbed me or kidnapped me, and ultimately OOCly it can feel like a speedbump and a waste of time when you are trying to find something that actually works toward what you enjoy. Now, this comes back to the "Campfire RP" aspect of the tribalism I see. If I am robbed or kidnapped and I think the people who are in the aggressor position are doing a bad job, if they're being silly or immature in a way that isn't for the sake of a character, but (From memory) putting someone in a dress and laughing at them because it's a man in a dress and bordering on doing things solely for OOC amusement, well, that sucks, but that isn't a strike against "Hostile RP" it's an issue with those particular players. Just like I would hope that people understand that if they come across people role-playing by a campfire, sharing stories and enjoying themselves, if they don't enjoy it or find it appealing that it isn't necessarily an issue with "Campfire RP" but it could be for any number of reasons. I've seen plenty of people in relaxed settings who are just as silly and willing to do things for OOC amusement over attempting to keep things IC and try to make it something enjoyable for everyone. I don't think less of the style of RP most people would say I fit into on here, and I would like to ask that other people don't as well. Stale RP This is something that baffles me, and it is something that comes from my own upbringing. People complain on here quite a bit about RP being "stale" or about things not mattering. This comes back, I think, to the reasons that people play the game, and I've not really felt much in the way of staleness in the many years I've played here because I understand why I play here and what I'm doing. I play a survivalist character. A scavenger. I play the game because to me a part of the character is overcoming the world, the survival game canvas that the RP is imposed on. In this iteration my character tells people to bundle up because it's cold, he carries a camp stove and is ready to cook food for people or give them socks because he's trying to help them understand that there is more to survival than a plate carrier or an assault rifle with a drum/coupled mag, and that isn't meant only as a reference to people who RP hostile characters. I've met just as many "heroes" or fellow survivalists who think they can only survive in the cold if they look like they're ready to go to war instead of valuing warmth and aspects that aren't mechanical in nature (More on that below). RP is never stale for me because the goal I have in RP is never achieved. I'd like to go on just a bit of a tangent and talk about apocalyptic fiction and why I think it might help people understand the game and not see role-play as getting stale just because there's not some new huge conglomeration of people trying to take over the world: I'll keep this to movies like say, Mad Max. We are very much still in the first Mad Max movie, and one of the issues I do have with the RP is that the server tends to lore wipe and keep us in that "Near Apocalyptic" setting where humanity has only just fallen and there are still aspects of it everywhere. There is still hope in this setting, there are still people who believe other countries are thriving and safe (Whether that is true or not) and that escape, salvation, and the restoration of the world and order is possible. We still have buildings that haven't fallen to the ravages of time yet. One of the things you might remember in, say, Beyond Thunderdome, is that there are children who have cave paintings and who regard things Max still remembers as legend. Great metal flying machines, buildings that jutted up higher than you could climb. There is still civilization in places like Barter Town, but there is no hope of return anymore, and eyes have turned toward the future. In DayZRP we often see a sort of dissonance between those who want to rebuild or to revert things and those who are trying to build anew, to create something out of what has happened and to see civilization spring up in whatever new form it might take. Now that can be a very interesting angle, the old world vs. the new world, but it seems that, from my own personal experience, the depth of this is often limited to people not wanting to be yoked by rules or laws of the old world so they want to create the rules and laws, and other people disagreeing and it coming to violence. Now, I'm not saying things like this did not happen in the Mad Max series, not by a long shot. Raiders are a common thing, and commodities are scarce and fiercely guarded either physically or through subterfuge and secret. Sadly some of the unintentional persistence wipes have shown us that the game we have our RP based on is not quite ready for that level of depth, and that can be frustrating but concessions have to be made for the medium in which you play. So what do you get out of this? Why is the RP stale for you? Again I want to ask and you are welcome to answer: If you think things are stale...Why? I often see fingers pointed everywhere else, but I see very little in the way of personal responsibility taken. There is a lot of blame and, like the post is titled, tribalism, but there is very little beyond the rules stopping you from trying to do something to further your own RP, or even branching out into something different. I've always suggested that people who have played pacifist characters play villains and vice versa, which segues nicely into the next point. Character Concepts and Shifting Sand I pointed this out in another post, but there are some other things I think drive this divide between people, and one of them is that when you look at "Bandit/Hero/Mercenary/Campfire" as the sort of Tetralogy of archetypes you really do yourself a disservice and you create these labels that can be applied to people who may not do what you like or who may have given you bad RP in the past, but the labels are then applied to that entire group and not the offending players. You now have an entire group seeing this damning of what they do and the reason they're here which only leads to back and forth and the widening of the gaps between people when I will say I believe objectively the closer people are as a community the better the stories you get out of everyone. Now I'm not a big fan of trying to follow archetypes or tropes but you still see them and there are some I even fall into though I might try not to. We are all mere space monkeys hurtling through the universe on a rock and staring at a lit up screen for entertainment. One thing I do try to avoid, and what I try to implore other people to avoid, however, is the idea of the "Foundation Archetype." So what is a "Foundation Archetype"? It is an idea you are completely set on and refuse to waver from for whatever reason. It is the solid stone upon which the character is built and there is nothing that can ever stop you from playing this archetype in your character. I often prefer the idea of a "Shifting Sands" concept, where you have something that you could set something on, but that foundation shifts and changes. It moves in ways that you may not be able to make up for and ultimately it may make whatever you've built upon it unrecognizable from what it began as, but that is (I believe) part of the reason we have communities like DayZRP. Instead of being lumped or lumping others into this idea that they belong to one of however many groups you may want to believe, if you see them all as concepts on this shifting sand you realize you only see them as they are now. You don't know what brought them to this point, you don't know if they started that way, you don't know if they will end that way. You see a snapshot of a character every time you interact, and if you look carefully you can see the changes and differences in those snapshots when you see them again in a few days or a week or a month. They may not be the same person you remember, but hopefully they have changed enough. Verisimilitude vs. Realism Now, I used that word a lot in my last post in the previous topic I linked above. Verisimilitude is, to put it simply, realism as it stands in the work you are regarding. Now that stands apart from "realism" and it's why I don't things to be compared "realistically" in forum posts that often degrade into "Well if it's realistic I could just snipe you and take your stuff." That might be realistic, but it's not verisimilitudinous. We have rules that the story has to go by, just like it isn't realistic for a mage to throw a fireball, but it can be verisimilitudinous. There are external parameters that affect how the story and the RP has to go, there are limits in place to make things fair and to make sure that as many people as possible out of the whole are enjoying themselves. In game you have to initiate, you can't just strip someone naked and run off after two seconds and no interaction, etc. These are the guidelines through which the RP is filtered and those are what we have to take into consideration when we consider verisimilitude of a situation, and it's one of the things that can affect whether or not a player should permakill their character, because the verisimilitude of the situation trumps the realism of it in a game or any work of fiction.There are always going to be author or gamemaster fiats. So what is verisimilitudinous in an apocalyptic situation given the rules that we know are in place? Even that can be up for debate and I'm sure it will be as there are people who think that certain behaviors strain that suspension of disbelief that we all should be trying to maintain for our own sake and the enjoyment of the people we play with. You know, that's a good point, so let's have a quick tangent. Your Responsibility Toward Enjoyment This is something that I, as both a game master in many things and as a villain player in multiple situations believe wholeheartedly. When you are role-playing with someone, you should believe that you are responsible for that person's enjoyment. For every person's enjoyment around you. When you take someone hostage you are, for all intents and purposes, become a game master in that situation, and this touches on why I think there are some people who dislike the idea of "hostile RP" though I dislike that term as much as I dislike "campfire RP" to be completely honest. When you have someone with you that has no control over the situation, you are indebted to them. What is going on right now goes at the pace you dictate, it contains information, actions, and a path that only you have control over. I think that some people who look unfavorably upon the idea of bandits and kidnappings and all that stuff do so because they've had the displeasure of coming into contact with people who don't understand that they should take this responsibility for what is going on. Now I'm not saying I believe this lack of personal responsibility is rampant, but I do think that it exists, and I am not addressing it as an accusing finger to everyone in a hostile group. As I mentioned in a post not too long ago one of the last times I was actually in a hostile situation there was nothing in the way of actual mechanical hostility going on. I will do a quick recap here because I do think it is an interesting thing to mention and it goes to show how understanding that responsibility and control over events can be used to create something that will leave a player with a positive attitude despite having been put in a situation that they would not have wanted to be in. When the Morettis were in Lopatino and Anarchy was protecting them there was an issue with Kamenici attacking the town. I had gone on a scavenging run to Novaya Petrovka, but as I stopped in the barns near Sinistok I was approached by a man...Two men...Six men? They began to talk to me in a calm manner, asking me if they could "have a moment of my time" because they had things they wanted to discuss with me. We went into the bar and they began to tell me about who they were. Now throughout all this there wasn't any sneering or spitting or calling me a "Dog pig" or whatever. They treated me with respect, whether or not they actually respected the character or not, they understood they had the upper hand in the situation and played it well. We talked about the country, and they told me about their intent and that they wanted me to do them a "favor" because I was someone who seemed to have respect for the country. They wanted me to tell people in Lopatino about them. They wanted me to keep them fearful and to let them know that all of the rumors they'd heard about Kamenici were true. It was about this time someone mentioned they had noticed someone and the group left, but throughout the entire thing there was a sense of understanding in it that I'd like to compliment the person on even though I don't know his forum name. If you're around and see this, do let me know. There was pacing, there was an understanding of how to press an advantage in a situation without it either starting or devolving into open hostility. I went through the entire situation anxious because I knew at any point these hostilities could happen, and the showing of respect in order to foster an idea that it would be the "smart thing to do" to help them was a good touch and showed a kind of finesse I personally haven't seen very often in the way of people playing bandit characters/groups/what have you. They understood, or at the very least the one who spoke with me understood, that he was the one in control of this from an OOC perspective. That it was his responsibility and obligation to push this alone at a particular pace and he did so in a way worthy of praise. In the same vein everyone who takes control of a situation, even if it isn't in a hostile setting, should understand that they are taking on this burden whether they realize it or not, and hopefully this helps them to. To put it another way, let's say someone comes to a camp I have set up and they're hungry. If I am going to take care of this person and see to them, I am the one taking control of the situation and it becomes my responsibility to try to make sure that everything is done well. I have the materials that are needed. I am the one supplying things, and especially if they are injured and I am offering them medical care I am the one who is in the position of "power" to drive the scene along. I wanted to point this out just to try to reinforce the fact that I am attempting to bring this around to everyone and not to further the sort of "us vs them" mentality on the server. Everyone who "runs" the scene is equally responsible, and that can be difficult, especially if you are new to RP and you don't have the experience in dealing with multiple people that being a GM can help give you in other games. DayZRP is particularly difficult in this department because you have disparate identities and personalities all sort of pulling things in different directions, so I understand the need for people to practice this, but just being aware of it can help. Text RP? I see you are a fellow degenerate This section is a bit more of a personal explanation of things from the perspective of someone who text RPs because that seems to be something of a subset of people that I have noticed seem to receive a bit of undue criticism. Now, I can understand why people dislike text RP in a setting like this. It is a slower style and it forces the scene to slow down appropriately, though I might argue later how that is far from a bad thing. It does allow people to play things they are not equipped to do with voice (Playing a different gender, for example), and there are those who play mute characters or simply characters who do not talk because of trauma and require the detail of text to come through. I tend to prefer this method as I have a very busy OOC life and I am rarely available to actually speak for long periods of time without OOC interruptions or disturbing family members who are sick and require bed rest with paper thin walls. Now that is my own situation, but I wouldn't particularly be interested in voice RP if that weren't the case simply because I am more comfortable with text RP and it is what I am most experienced with and what I believe I create the best scenes with for the enjoyment of other people. Now you may not agree, and that's perfectly fine, this is more an issue of taste than other things, but it is still an issue I've seen where there is very much an "us vs. them" mentality to text or speech RP. To this I would simply say that as long as no one is truly upset or disturbed and the RP is enjoyable then that is what matters. What Campfire RP is to me Now this is something odd because I dislike the whole idea of these labels as I think they only add to the sense of tribalism as I hope I've pointed out here and why everyone should work to try to better themselves and the RP they give instead of only wanting others to improve. So what is Campfire RP to someone I think everyone would call a Campfire RPer? It's characterization. Some people often think that the only thing that ever gets talked about is the past, where you come from, how you got here, and that can be a topic that comes up quite a bit because there are a lot of people who aren't native to the area around and they all have their own story about why they're here. Some people are victims of circumstance. Some people chose to come here. Even this sharing of origins I think has a deeper meaning to it though, and it's something I'd like to point out: Motivation. It's not exactly easy to go "So...Are you a bandit?" or "Do you rob people?" when you're talking to someone. You don't want to turn a situation where things are calm into something tense, but people are going to wonder about those they're with, and asking about their past is a good way to do this. So why ask about their reason for being in South Zagoria? Because you can tell a lot about someone by the way they react. Not just what they say, but how they say it, what they add to it. Mace used to go into detail about everything beyond killing his fiancee, it was something he tried to hold onto because at the beginning he refused to accept any sort of responsibility and he separated himself from killing the woman he loved, but he still had these fond memories of why he had been there to meet her grandparents. Now he speaks very little about it unless pushed. He came here to meet her grandparents. She died early on in the infection. He's come to understand through this retelling of it to people that he was at fault for it, whether that might be seen as true or not. Every time he tells it, every time he dwells on it, he begins to see himself more and more as nothing but the person who killed the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. His depression hinges on that fact and it's not something you can easily just wave away. Now let's say you're, pulling something out of my backside, an Italian who came to South Zagoria as part of military relief to try to help and you were left behind, left for dead, by the military during their extraction when they realized all was lost. That story doesn't by itself lets you know a few things about the character, but the way it's said can tell you more. Can you hear the contempt in his voice for being left here? Does he still sound fond of the idea of helping people, or has that abandonment made him realize that people only care about themselves and he should too? Those things are subtle, but they can give you an idea about someone without outright asking probing questions about their morals, and in a situation where people may not ever really show their true face, little hints of characterization, the people they really are, can help you judge who is safe to be around, who you can trust, and who might just be trying to get close to you so they can abuse you or rob from you or yours. Beyond that though, Campfire RP encompasses, as I said before, the moments of quiet, and in my own opinion those are necessary things to cover in an apocalyptic setting. Things like washing your face, cooking, resting. Joking with your friends or making new ones. Humans are social creatures, that's just how we are. We desire to be in groups, and there are people who take advantage of that, both in game and in real life. When people come together and huddle around a fire for warmth we're fulfilling that bestial desire to be in a pack, to try to feel some sort of primordial safety in numbers when we're unsure about the world. It hits a psychological button that makes you feel better when the world is falling down around you, and in general for me it lets people bring to bear what they really have to give. You see a different kind of RP from people when defenses are down and you're all just resting and regaining strength. You see what they want from their character. You see what that person is putting out because it's the story they're trying to build upon, and you get a better look at what they've built on those shifting sands and how the sands are affecting it, and most importantly you're being shown an opportunity to affect it as well. It's a vulnerability that all people have, and it's an opportunity to really affect characterization and to create something that carries over in a more meaningful way in my opinion. My sordid, bandit-y past Now, again, this is something of an explanation about my own experience with these things from the other side because I've not really ever played an "evil" character on DayZRP and there have been people in the past who believe I have no room to speak about these issues because I "haven't played a bandit" before. As I've mentioned in a couple of places, a good bit of my characters in other servers, particularly back on StarChat and Sorcery.net in IRC were evil characters, with one of the longest running being on an old MUD that has unfortunately closed down, but he was an Orcish religious zealot and cult leader who preached the return of Gruumsh, the head of the Orcish pantheon, and spent a little over three years amassing a small territory in the game that was a haven for evil races that he had gotten under his banner and was known for slavery, kidnapping, and let's just say a lot of things that people probably wouldn't be excited to be playing out on other servers. Back in TalkCity and ChatFIRST, even some in EyeChat.org I was known for going through the different available rooms and offering to play villainous foils for storyline purposes in the more "freeform" games while in non-freeform games that had established dice systems I've played and enjoy everything from freelance slavers to the more militaristic foot soldier under larger evil "big bads." That's not to say I don't enjoy playing good guys, or neutral characters, and some of my favorites have often been the sort of characters that, much like Mace, kind of allow other people to blossom because I've had my moments and I enjoy letting people have theirs. I just wanted to let people know this is a long way from coming from someone who has only ever played "good guy" characters, and I like to pride myself on trying to create things that make sense within a universe and, even if they end up being oddballs within it, share that (say it with me) verisimilitude. The Takeaways So what is the point of this post? What do I hope to bring about from it? Do I think it'll even work? I want people to understand that RP comes in a lot of forms, and that there is a need for people to think beyond themselves and to the other people they're playing with and to feel that responsibility to be adding to something, whether it be as the makeshift GM of a hostile situation, as the caregiver in a benevolent one, or just as part of a group when everyone is chatting. I spoke a lot about the responsibility of those running the scenes, but there's also the responsibility of those who are a part of it all as well, to give your all and to try to make sure that you contribute. This isn't an attack or condemnation of any style of RP because we need it all, but a call for everyone to try to come together instead of dividing yourselves and others into labels because of what or how you RP and creating schisms that prevent stories from progressing. I'll leave this open for discussion of course and if anyone has any specific questions or comments for me, just @ me and I'll try to get back to them as soon as possible given health issues and time constraints.
  10. Mace

    Force PK's in public executions.

    Forcing Permadeath is never an option in my opinion in the sort of community we find ourselves in. Even in the smaller and more collaborative communities I've been in in my time there is rarely a rule to force permadeath through PVP actions (Granted a lot of the communities I've been on have been much more strict about what constitutes valid RP reasons to PVP and is much harsher on people who do so for reasons that are seen as superfluous). As has been seen in the past in this very community there are people who are only here to get into PVP situations and to play them out because they want to be in firefights, they want to initiate on people, and they want to kill people and there is no real way to temper that attitude beyond offering them experience with others who are looking for something more and hope that they begin to understand that the server is meant for more than that. I've talked before in years past about realism and how it pertains to to the verisimilitude of a scene, whether public or private, and the ways in which that verisimilitude can be challenged or shattered not by the straining of suspension of disbelief through the application of logic and comparisons to reality, but by the attitude of people in game and in character. I think that people should understand that the option to permakill their character is there if they find themselves in a situation where that could be seen as verisimilitudinous, but there are, sadly, just too many people who push that past the veil and past the enjoyment of parties on here to make such a thing more than an annoyance. As someone stated above, and even with Law's point about it being against the rules, there are very easy ways to skirt around the "valid reasons" for execution if one is creative enough, and it comes from a failure of the rules or perhaps just a failure of the community to really allow for them to be completely comprehensive without seeming to be incredibly strict or off-putting to people. Misunderstandings and misinformation can lead to execution that is perfectly valid from an IC perspective, but leaves someone faced with permakilling their character (Or at least the option of it) simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for instance. There have been people who have been held up and tortured on mere suspicions before because they were believed to be thieves or because they acted in a way that was perceived to be suspicious and while a lot of the interactions at that point are back-and-forth between parties there are obvious instances in which some people are simply out for blood, and that attitude on an OOC level precludes the option from being something I would consider to be valid or acceptable. I think, instead of the mentality that we should force an option, that there should be a better understanding of the constituent parts of a scene, of role-play in general, and how characters are played out through different and overarching parts of a greater whole. A lot of people I've met come here as one of, if not their very first experience in role-playing and that can be a wonderful thing, it's why I think it would be good to reinstate the mentor program and try to help people come to understand the level of role-play that is expected on the server and what should be desired since I'm always for raising the bar for yourself and those around you through your interactions. Instead of saying "Now you HAVE to permakill your character" I always suggest to people, both here and in other communities, that you give them the option. People are attached to their characters, yes, and part of that is a good thing. It helps to create that verisimilitude I go on about when you value a character and have put part of yourself into it because you create something more emotional and more "real" with them, but by the same token there are those who see that attachment, and the desire of others to break that attachment, as an OOC affront, and the people who do see it that way will resist based solely out of spite. I'm sure I don't need to point out that there has been a lot of OOC spite here over the years in one form or another. To give you an example: If you don't receive permission to permakill someone during a scene, instead of requesting it and making a spectacle out of it, I do believe there are better ways to draw in the person you're wanting to bring an end to so that the idea of that end is more appealing. Instead of making it confrontational there are options where other things can be seen as more fitting punishments, and honestly doing something that leaves the door open for permanent death or injury without actually afflicting it yourself and allowing the other person to come up with it can make them begin to see where this aspect of the story can come from them, and that by itself can make them more open to it. Say you want to end someone, shooting them in a town square in front of everyone is one way to do it, but if this person has done something to affront you and yours, if they've stolen from you, hurt you, killed someone you care about, do you really want their end to be so quick and painless? Take them into the woods while the people who would be the audience are kept in place, and even if you do execute the person, you tell them that you aren't going to be responsible for their death, that you don't want their vile blood on your hands, and just to tryt to show you're better than them, you're going to give them an opportunity to show their strength. You're going to take them into the woods, far away from humanity, and you're going to injure them. You're going to stab them, shoot them, do something that will incapacitate them, and you'll leave them say a can of food and something to drink because you are sporting, but whatever it is you do, it's ending with you taking off your suppressors and firing into the air to attract every zombie from the nearby towns (Whether you actually do or not for the sake of game rules), and you're going to leave them there to fend for themselves. They've shown they can be a thorn in your side when they have support, when they have the backup of people and supplies, but if you say, leave them with a pistol and a single bullet the most they can hope to do is shoot you in the back as you leave and be left wounded and defenseless against what's coming. They can be a "coward" and end their own life. Or they can show you that they are worth that status as a thorn in your side and find some way to persevere. Now this option may not be as fulfilling to the people who would have execution rights, but it makes for a better story, it builds something other than just shooting someone, and it creates an opportunity for the author of that character to control what they do with the character. As someone who values what he creates, being given the option to end it is a far more enticing way to actually bring a story to a close than to have it cut mid-sentence because someone has decided to do so for me. A story's end, even between enemy groups ICly, should always be a collaborative work OOCly, which can be hard as I said. It's not something some people want to do, but one of the main issues I have with this server, no matter what people say, is that there is a very competitive spirit OOCly, especially against rival groups. You may not have OOC hate against them, but it becomes competition that no one wants to lose or forfeit. No one wants to be the losing party even though eventually there has to be one, and it is very rare to find people who are willing to do that for the sake of the RP when it is thrust upon them. It's something that comes from this style of game, I can tell you that. In my experience with other styles of games and communities it isn't until you add the sort of combat that you see in these games that you see that competitiveness coming out in such force that it can sort of sully the overall goal of creating something bigger than yourself and your own story. People don't like "losing" in such a way and it is different to losing in something in say a dice-based game where there is still frustration, but ultimately a disconnect between the actions and the outcome of a fight. Where luck and randomness play a lesser and lesser role you see people becoming more and more defensive and obtuse in the face of losing results. I'll stop rambling now, but no, permakilling through force is, in my opinion, never the right way to proceed. Instead I think that adjusting the expectations and the attitudes of players into something more cooperative and less competitive OOCly would help to create a better understanding of when a story should end for the greater good instead. Education and understanding are always a better option, and it can help people come to be more selfless in general I think.
  11. Mason Thompson POV: Much like Morytania said we had just gotten back after hunting and were sitting down to chat in the cabin when I hear a car door and then the sound of the engine starting up on the car outside. Trym, Ryleigh, and myself run out to see what is going on only to have the person in the vehicle ask us where he is after exiting (Noticing there are three of us brandishing weapons) and when he finds out that he is (I'm assuming) in an unfavorable spawn location, asks for us to kill him ICly before starting to attack Trym. I took a shot at him only after he had begun to attack and had tried to take another after Trym fell only to have him run too close apparently which messed up my aim, but apparently he wasn't interested in trying to pick up the weapon that Trym dropped and actually fighting, just goading us into killing him for a quick respawn, which I obliged simply because I knew there was a weapon on the ground and he had already begun attacking, not to mention the fact that he made it clear he wasn't trying to RP anything out. I killed him with a shot after that as the video shows and put an extra shot into him for IC effect believing that he could have had a fresh form of the infection (Increased aggression/mental instability) before Ryleigh had resuscitated Trym. There was no previous interaction with the character before this and, as I stated, it was obvious he was just trying to get someone to kill him for a quick respawn to a more suitable location to find his friends with no real attention or care paid for how it sounds to beg someone to kill you and then start throwing punches around three people with weapons readied.
  12. The southern tenor came on, albeit somewhat delayed, with a response that seemed to mirror the mirth of the older man. "I heard. I had someone take a peek at the house since I got drawn away with my hunting and clearing up the area near Gvozdno and he told me about what he saw. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help. I still don't know what happened. I'll be around Berezino for a day or two, it should be far enough away from everything else going on that we can regroup and see just what to do next. There are some places I'd like to visit, and my new acquaintance does have some work I'd like to help with. For now you three stay safe. Stick to the roads if you can, I've heard plenty of howls on my way around and I wouldn't suggest cutting through the woods for shortcuts unless you managed to get some ammunition out of the ruins. I just...I know how much work you all put into it. Take care and we'll chat again soon. I need some rest, but at least I can sleep a bit easier knowing you're all safe."
  13. It seemed the speaker, an American with a southern accent from the sound of it, was quick to respond, the wind having died down though the lapping of waves had grown louder and more distinct. "I'd been contemplating coming out and helping you set up some of your supply caches, in all honesty. I found a nice little spot and I'm going to take the opportunity to rest. Sometimes you just don't know how exhausted you are until you take a moment to relax after pushing yourself. My personal frequency is on the two meter band, 213.13 Megahertz, but low for the band but you'll be able to get it. You can contact me there and we'll set up a meeting sometime. I'll bring the cooking supplies and some of the spices I've still got with me. One good thing about the woods out here, there's no shortage of game. As for what's going on, someone made a joke at someone else's expense the other day, something along the lines of 'the only pussy you get is a cat' and it led to shooting and two people injured, maybe dead, that I saw. Could even have been more, and that's just going to spiral into more and more...I'm going to enjoy my soda and take a well-earned rest. You keep fighting the good fight out there. We'll meet up sometime soon. One thing I'm rarely wanting for is supplies, my days as a trader have left me as something of a packrat scavenger, but I'd be happy to help out a bit if I could. Stay safe, and especially out here bundle up. You get an easterly wind blowing that cold air from the coast and you'll catch your death."
  14. As usual with many of his broadcasts, the hiss that came over the waves to begin his transmission was followed by the sound of what seemed to be quite nasty weather, though in the background the lapping of waves on a shore was audible. "Howdy folks. Since trading is no longer an option for me, and it seems that things are a bit crazy in many spots, I wanted to let folks know that I'm going to be on the road for a bit. I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing, but the little place I had helped cultivate has apparently fallen and whatever is left is little better than scrap. Not sure if it was weather, zombies, people, or if I just pissed off too many wolves and they've started orchestrated attacks against me, but whatever the reason...Well, I don't have much going for me right now. There is part of me that just wants to settle down somewhere nice and secluded, somewhere that doesn't have tactical or material advantages and just enjoy what little things in life there are to enjoy. Since I found myself at the coast I'm going to check a couple of places that I'd always enjoyed visiting and see if they're worth settling down in for a bit." A weary sigh came over the waves followed by the sound of rustling fabric and the crisp pop of a can opening, the fizzing carbonation loud enough to be picked up. "I don't like to get too down or sound as if I'm complaining. I'm in a better spot than most. I've got food, I've still got some of my strain that I can work on cultivating by myself. I've got soda." The last point was marked with the sound of a couple of gulps. "If I see you on the road I'll try to help you out, no payment, no trading, just a bit of 'good samaritaning' which isn't a term but should be. I think, come spring, I'm going to try to patch up one of these boats and go fishing. That sounds like a nice goal, right? Where's Flex Seal when you need it... Take care folks. Stay safe. Bundle up. If you're out in the more active parts of the country be careful, I've seen some people shot over some senseless things in the last couple of days, and my condolences go out to those who lost friends because of it. I'm going to find a nice little spot somewhere and relax. I think I earned a bit of a vacation. If you need anything I'll keep the radio scanning on here and see if I can get one of those ham stations set up with a boat battery to keep in touch at long distances. Until then." The transmission cut off without much in the way of fanfare, just the interrupted sound of another drink of the sugary beverage.
  15. The voice of the man was drowsy, as if he had just stirred from sleep as he spoke on the radio, his voice ever-so-slightly slurred. "Hey, doc. Just wanted to let you know I cleared out seventeen wolves in all, chased them out west but there may still be some packs wandering around the castle and the surrounding forest. I'll be on my way back later with supplies, just needed a rest and it was a long damn run hunting down the last members of the pack. There might still be field-dressed bodies on the ground in the camp, you're welcome to whatever meat's still good that's wrapped up in the pelts of course. Stay safe. I'm going back to bed. Legs are killing me."
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