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  1. Mason Thompson POV: Much like Morytania said we had just gotten back after hunting and were sitting down to chat in the cabin when I hear a car door and then the sound of the engine starting up on the car outside. Trym, Ryleigh, and myself run out to see what is going on only to have the person in the vehicle ask us where he is after exiting (Noticing there are three of us brandishing weapons) and when he finds out that he is (I'm assuming) in an unfavorable spawn location, asks for us to kill him ICly before starting to attack Trym. I took a shot at him only after he had begun to attack and had tried to take another after Trym fell only to have him run too close apparently which messed up my aim, but apparently he wasn't interested in trying to pick up the weapon that Trym dropped and actually fighting, just goading us into killing him for a quick respawn, which I obliged simply because I knew there was a weapon on the ground and he had already begun attacking, not to mention the fact that he made it clear he wasn't trying to RP anything out. I killed him with a shot after that as the video shows and put an extra shot into him for IC effect believing that he could have had a fresh form of the infection (Increased aggression/mental instability) before Ryleigh had resuscitated Trym. There was no previous interaction with the character before this and, as I stated, it was obvious he was just trying to get someone to kill him for a quick respawn to a more suitable location to find his friends with no real attention or care paid for how it sounds to beg someone to kill you and then start throwing punches around three people with weapons readied.
  2. The southern tenor came on, albeit somewhat delayed, with a response that seemed to mirror the mirth of the older man. "I heard. I had someone take a peek at the house since I got drawn away with my hunting and clearing up the area near Gvozdno and he told me about what he saw. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help. I still don't know what happened. I'll be around Berezino for a day or two, it should be far enough away from everything else going on that we can regroup and see just what to do next. There are some places I'd like to visit, and my new acquaintance does have some work I'd like to help with. For now you three stay safe. Stick to the roads if you can, I've heard plenty of howls on my way around and I wouldn't suggest cutting through the woods for shortcuts unless you managed to get some ammunition out of the ruins. I just...I know how much work you all put into it. Take care and we'll chat again soon. I need some rest, but at least I can sleep a bit easier knowing you're all safe."
  3. It seemed the speaker, an American with a southern accent from the sound of it, was quick to respond, the wind having died down though the lapping of waves had grown louder and more distinct. "I'd been contemplating coming out and helping you set up some of your supply caches, in all honesty. I found a nice little spot and I'm going to take the opportunity to rest. Sometimes you just don't know how exhausted you are until you take a moment to relax after pushing yourself. My personal frequency is on the two meter band, 213.13 Megahertz, but low for the band but you'll be able to get it. You can contact me there and we'll set up a meeting sometime. I'll bring the cooking supplies and some of the spices I've still got with me. One good thing about the woods out here, there's no shortage of game. As for what's going on, someone made a joke at someone else's expense the other day, something along the lines of 'the only pussy you get is a cat' and it led to shooting and two people injured, maybe dead, that I saw. Could even have been more, and that's just going to spiral into more and more...I'm going to enjoy my soda and take a well-earned rest. You keep fighting the good fight out there. We'll meet up sometime soon. One thing I'm rarely wanting for is supplies, my days as a trader have left me as something of a packrat scavenger, but I'd be happy to help out a bit if I could. Stay safe, and especially out here bundle up. You get an easterly wind blowing that cold air from the coast and you'll catch your death."
  4. As usual with many of his broadcasts, the hiss that came over the waves to begin his transmission was followed by the sound of what seemed to be quite nasty weather, though in the background the lapping of waves on a shore was audible. "Howdy folks. Since trading is no longer an option for me, and it seems that things are a bit crazy in many spots, I wanted to let folks know that I'm going to be on the road for a bit. I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing, but the little place I had helped cultivate has apparently fallen and whatever is left is little better than scrap. Not sure if it was weather, zombies, people, or if I just pissed off too many wolves and they've started orchestrated attacks against me, but whatever the reason...Well, I don't have much going for me right now. There is part of me that just wants to settle down somewhere nice and secluded, somewhere that doesn't have tactical or material advantages and just enjoy what little things in life there are to enjoy. Since I found myself at the coast I'm going to check a couple of places that I'd always enjoyed visiting and see if they're worth settling down in for a bit." A weary sigh came over the waves followed by the sound of rustling fabric and the crisp pop of a can opening, the fizzing carbonation loud enough to be picked up. "I don't like to get too down or sound as if I'm complaining. I'm in a better spot than most. I've got food, I've still got some of my strain that I can work on cultivating by myself. I've got soda." The last point was marked with the sound of a couple of gulps. "If I see you on the road I'll try to help you out, no payment, no trading, just a bit of 'good samaritaning' which isn't a term but should be. I think, come spring, I'm going to try to patch up one of these boats and go fishing. That sounds like a nice goal, right? Where's Flex Seal when you need it... Take care folks. Stay safe. Bundle up. If you're out in the more active parts of the country be careful, I've seen some people shot over some senseless things in the last couple of days, and my condolences go out to those who lost friends because of it. I'm going to find a nice little spot somewhere and relax. I think I earned a bit of a vacation. If you need anything I'll keep the radio scanning on here and see if I can get one of those ham stations set up with a boat battery to keep in touch at long distances. Until then." The transmission cut off without much in the way of fanfare, just the interrupted sound of another drink of the sugary beverage.
  5. The voice of the man was drowsy, as if he had just stirred from sleep as he spoke on the radio, his voice ever-so-slightly slurred. "Hey, doc. Just wanted to let you know I cleared out seventeen wolves in all, chased them out west but there may still be some packs wandering around the castle and the surrounding forest. I'll be on my way back later with supplies, just needed a rest and it was a long damn run hunting down the last members of the pack. There might still be field-dressed bodies on the ground in the camp, you're welcome to whatever meat's still good that's wrapped up in the pelts of course. Stay safe. I'm going back to bed. Legs are killing me."
  6. The voice returned, once more sounding ragged and worn out. "There are more wolves out here than I expected, so be careful on your way. I may have to move, but the guy who runs the place should be around soon if you can hold out. If not there are other frequencies where people are offering aid if you can wait for it. Damn things are roving together in much larger packs these days and I'm getting low on shells." A weary sigh came from the speaker before the sound of shifting fabric and movement could be heard. "I'll try to stick around for as long as possible but if these things keep coming around to kill each other I'm going to have to suggest the paramedic change his clinic location. Or get some guards and ammunition boxes."
  7. A deep sigh came over the transmission, one of relaxation rather than of annoyance. "No worries bud. Southwest of Gvozdno, I'm in the lodge just by the front gate."
  8. The southern tenor replied, though it was weary and obviously labored, his breath coming out in heaving pants. "Whew, buddy. I cleaned the camp out if you're hiding somewhere. Got rid of the wolves and zombies that were having a civil war around. I can help out with some minor things while the guy who runs the camp is away if you need help immediately."
  9. The sound of whipping wind and the pattering of rain can be heard as the transmission began, a soft southern tenor coming over the waves shortly after. "Miss Popov, I believe you were the one who told me about the crossroads at Vybor not being safe. I wast he one with the purple ski mask carrying the large bag. I appreciate the concern, and since it seems you are looking out for the welfare of people I'd like to let you know what I've managed to cobble together of the events of the last month or so, though I will admit now some of it is hearsay and a good bit is speculation. That said, if I can help at all do let me know. I tend to operate on the 2 meter band for private broadcasts, and you should be able to get to me on 213.13Mhz." There was a pause in the transmission, a hiss of static coming through with a weakness in the signal that was remedied by, if one could trust the sounds, a few thumps of the radio. "I'll change the batteries in this thing and should you want to chat let me know. I'll be up for a while yet hunting. I also know another reporter you may want to get in contact with, but that is something to discuss in private. Take care, and same to you Eddie, good to hear you're still alive and kicking, even if you don't remember me. Stay safe and bundle up." The transmission ended with a momentary spark of noise reminiscent, if however faint, to a howling wolf. It seemed the hunt the man had spoken of was on.
  10. The sound of wind picked up again as the southern tenor spoke up. "Don't know if moving is required, but you've got some game trails that seem to be drawing them. I'll keep an eye out tonight, going to post up with some furs in one of the deer stands to see if I can catch any wolves out at night. Name's Mason, by the way, or just Mace. I'll talk to you in person soon enough, just look for the guy with the purple mask, and if you hear a shotgun going off in the woods it's probably just me trying to clear the area. You take care now doc. Bundle up and sleep tight."
  11. Mace

    Treatment Required (Open Frequency)

    The sound of rather tumultuous wind and whipping branches can be heard before a voice, soft with a southern drawl, came over the waves. "I'm a ways out. If you've got the help you need update me otherwise I can trek down that way if nobody else made it. I'm pinning down my map in some brush and marking a path for the straightest route possible. Stay safe, and here's hoping I'm not needed."
  12. The sound of wind whipping about could be heard as the radio turned on, along with the rustling of moving through brush of some kind. "Howdy folks. To the man running the medical camp I'm sorry I wasn't able to get there before you'd already locked up for the night, but it seems Gvozdno's got a wolf problem, and they're fairly close to your door. I killed a small pack of about six or seven, but I've heard howling that I went to track down but I think they caught scent of some of the deer around and ran off. I'll be in the area at a more appropriate time to deliver a few supplies to help out. Admittedly I helped myself to some of the shotgun shells in a couple of the open cabins on my way through to help replace what I've been spending on these damn wolves. Stay safe, same goes for everyone going there. Just be careful and pay attention to your surroundings. And bundle up."
  13. Mace

    Can someone help me with my group backstory?

    I'd be happy to have a look at what you've written and help you with it if you want to contact me via PM.
  14. As someone who deals with depression myself a lot of my own comes from a combination of wanting to be perfect and the understanding that I never will be and the sort of mental disconnect that comes from it. I had a very, very poor education growing up (Something like the bottom five percent of the US) where we were all but taught creationism in class and had incredibly lacking science and math. In dealing with chronic health issues, multiple surgeries, and the inability to really do much in the way of "proper" work I've always fallen back on my love of writing and every time I've tried to put pen to paper I've always become disgusted with myself and my writing because, in the process of trying to edit or proofread anything I've written, I can't help but feel like a failure, and that sort of feeling pervades my self-image in most aspects of my life. One of the reasons I'm still on final warning after three years is because my health and depression have kept me from being able to even play on a game that I truly enjoy for three straight months because I always find myself falling into a funk or requiring doctor visits and rest away from games or doing anything really to help try to deal with what's going on. I personally never have really entertained suicidal thoughts to any real extent, though I have had them, and when you are trying to sit down and work through things yourself, at least in my own struggle in trying to beat down emotion and brain chemistry with logic, I've come back to it more than once even if it was never given much credence. I understand that it is different for everyone, and that cultural aspects of life can get in the way of getting help especially in cultures where a public appearance is important but I would urge anyone who has these issues to get help and at the very least try to see a licensed therapist who can help you come to terms and understand what it is you're wrestling with, because it is different for everyone if only because our own experiences as humans are different. Don't let the fear or worry of how other people see you stop you from getting help, because just having that one outlet can do a lot of good for some people. To anyone else who may be having issues, it never hurts to try to get some help for yourself. Friends and places of positivity can be great things, but never put them above or completely try to replace actual help with them if you can get it. Always take your meds (That is something that I'm bad at and when I get into a funk I can stare at my pills and tell myself that I know taking them will make me better and still not be able to do it, that's just how things go sometimes). Remember that, if nothing else, you've got people here who care about you, and if nothing else my PMs are always open if you just want to send angry, venting letters about things so that you can know someone will read them and don't want it to be public record. Try to keep smiling, and for all the shit you might see on the forums, I can say that when people stop shit-posting and see someone in need they never fail to pull through for them, so never be afraid to voice your own worries or stress if you just need an outlet for it. Love you all.
  15. The sound of a gas stove hissing could be heard as the man's transmission cut in, the radio left on as he began to speak with the sound of what seemed like chopping and general food prep could be heard in the background. "Fae, Mr. Preacher, it's wonderful to hear from both of you again. Thanks to my dear friend I have some tomatoes and I'm going to be making some stew with the next meat I have since I have some potatoes as well. I'll be sure to ration it out appropriately so hopefully everyone can have at least a bit before I need to start watering it down. As for where I am, well, right now I'm just outside Kabanino, but with the request of the priest here I will try to help him with his request first since...Well, to be honest I've been having trouble with some of my own memories, and though most people mistake me for being older than I am, I still know how fickle and fleeting they can be." His own voice seemed to have grown more caring as he spoke, the sound of things being dumped into a pot audible as well as a bit of metal-on-metal scraping. "It isn't often that I'm asked for help that goes beyond the physical or the material. If I can help you with the memories of your son it would be an honor, sir. We can start on say, frequency 231.6 and when we are both there we can jump back and forth between them to try to make sure we aren't followed to keep things as private as possible. When I've finished with that, Fae, I'll let you know where I am or we can talk on our usual channel if it hasn't been taken over by other people, and I'll come find you. I still have those jeans, and an ushanka for you. It seems, even if I am going out of business, things might be getting busier than ever..." The last sentence trailed off, though the tone of the man seemed genuinely happy as he worked on whatever meal he was preparing, a faint chuckle coming over the waves until it seemed he had reached for the radio to take hold of it from whatever perch it had been put on so that it could continually broadcast. "We can begin our work as soon as you like, I will wait for you on the frequency and my cooking can simmer and sit for quite some time so I'm ready to move out whenever is good for you. Still, both of you take care. We need good people out here. I'm going to have a snack and get ready for the road."