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  1. Hey sorry if this is in the wrong section but, i need to whitelist again, while i already had whitelisted for arma 2 and Standalone. I want to play Desolation RP now should i whitelist again?
  2. fctmiller


    Thanks for the answer.
  3. fctmiller


    Can i upload a gif to my profile?
  4. Hey i just joined, i spawned as a girl but i am clearly a boy? Can you change it?
  5. Oh, nice but i am working again on the whitelist. Thanks
  6. Damn. didn't copy the application ... let's make it again
  7. Was that a mix of german and english? Can read a bit but not more and not less... 0o I made 3 applications and it took 1/2 - 1 day, should depend on how busy the admins are It's Dutch, and why did you make 3 applications?
  8. Yes i did every day. Dankje voor het antwoord.
  9. fctmiller

    1 week?

    Is it normal that i am waiting for 1 week for the whitelist approve?
  10. Iknow where to check. Thanks for help.
  11. 24 hours past since i whitelisted my self but no response?
  12. I don't have that, so i think i'll have to wait then.
  13. Hello i white listed myself yesterday. They say its within 24 hours, if i can be placed on the server where do i need to check if i passed the white list?
  14. Im hoping for us both.