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  1. Echo Grime comes from a very poor family that has been deeply affected by the pandemic. His mother and father unfortunately died to the outbreak and he's been living in a orphanage in Chernarus for 18 years, due to his death of his mother and father, he's always been a boy that doesn't really socialize much and is quite shy when meeting new people this is due to what's happened to him in the past but he tries his best to communicate. At the age of 20, Echo decided to leave the orphanage and experience what's out there, running around cities, villages, woods, somewhere where he can hopefully call home. After a long time of searching, killing infected and looting, Echo decided to move to Nyheim for a better life as his life has been a living hell. He doesn't know what will happen, but he is scared what will come next.
  2. Magdalena Gryska comes from a very wealthy family, her mother was a successful businesswoman along with her father.. She hasn't really experienced the poor life that some kids go through in their lives as she has never needed to due to the amount of money her family had. Magdalena was a caring, helpful, respectful and a lovely girl that everyone loved and liked but there were a few individuals who were jealous of her perfect family. At the age of 16, Magdalena's father passed away which really devasted the entire family, especially her mother. She was suffering from severe depression and anxiety This really impacted Magdalena's life as her mother was starting to get aggressive with her, mistreating her and saying that it's Magdalena's fault why her father died. At the time, Magdalena was confused why would she think it was her fault as he died due to a car crash he had with another vehicle, however she didn't want to talk back to her mother as she was afraid of what she was going to do to her. After 2 years, Magdalena is excited to finally graduate from college and start her career in medicine as she has always dreamed of being a qualified nurse at her local hospital. Due to the death of her father, she's been keen with treating/caring for other people as she knows how it feels to lose a loved one. Once Magdalena turned 20, she decided to step down from her training and care for her mother in the meantime and continue her training in a few years. Magdalena's mother really bonded after the death of Magdalena's father although she was mistreating her, she forgived her mother as she knew it wasn't her fault. She helped her mother get through the anxiety and depression part to the best of her ability by spending more time with her, although her mother enjoyed spending time with her, she unfortunately commit suicide when Magdalena was 22 years old which really affected her life as she started suffering from depression and anxiety. She was alone and had no one else to go to, all she had was a house and her mother's money... After a month of her mothers death, she was held captive by 2 hostiles for an entire year they were later killed in a gunfight. Now she has arrived at Nyheim after her 1 year of captivity wishing for things to get better as her life has been a living hell.
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