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  1. Jasper Blue grew up within the wrecked streets of California, the city falling to its knees. The time that his parents passed, he made a harsh and brutal journey from the United States all the way to Sweden within only a year. There is where he met the love of his life, Elsa, while filing through an old wrecked container just outside of a small blocked community. They were wed for nearly 7 months, fearing for what time they may waste throughout the deadlands. Though, this would not last long as their marriage was short-lived. Elsa had been bit and grew into torturous agony through the next coming days. Her wails of terror and pain haunted Jasper through night and day, but no cure led to no hope. Inevitably, he ended her suffering with a swift bullet, his heart dying with her. With the death of Elsa, he could not live in their bunker-like home and took it upon himself to leave. Long after the time he left, he came across a pair, a man and girl, whom he'd spend a great deal of time with. Soon calling them family. Their travels finally lead to the modern moment of Nyheim, where he plans to protect his family with his life, even if it may cost him his life one day.
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