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  1. DonLedon

    A weird journey

    I know the feel, bro. Once, when I was playing with my mate, I tryed to reach him faster by going offroad. Somehow, god knows how, I managed to move further and further away each time I looked on the map, after I spent 40+ minutes for a trip that would take 20 minutes if I just followed the roads, I decided to just follow the road and it still took me 30+ minutes to get to him from there, because I was even further from where I begun my trip. Long story short, the road is my god now, all hail the all knowing road, obey its will and it will treat you good.
  2. Thank you, you were fun to have around too. Also, your husband scared the living crap out of me. Safe travels and I hope I'll see you all again on the fields of Chernarus
  3. Just a quick fix, if anyone cares, it should be Černoruský Dinár as it's male, non living and declination for male goes with long 'y' Just my 5 dinars
  4. Yeah, the New Zealand military beret you are refering to is still in game, actually I've seen it around NWAF if I recall correctly. Could be that in 0.59 they removed it (since i haven't played it yet due to shitload of work) but haven't found any evidence of it in changelogs and/or other news and player channels. On the topic of RP problems with the beret. As we are supposed to overcome limitations of the game and RP all that can be RP-ed, there should be no problem for you to say that is NZ beret, not CDF and I think that most of the community know that, if they didn't know that, we would not see as many people running around with markings, burn marks, scars etc. If you encounter someone who doesn't want to believe its NZ beret, best thing you can do is say it in OOC like Juranas stated, I often had to do a similar procedure explaining my armband and/or beret. Only bad thing is that NZ beret looks identical in colour as her CDF counterpart when they are damaged (At least to me, but I'm colourblind so it might be just a personal issue ) Good luck with your encounters and best of luck in game, Cheers!
  5. DonLedon

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Who the fuck are you?"
  6. This one goes to Rumble and Alexander (Jayce I think) Had a great time with you guys, sorry I couldn't meet you at Vybor, but I'm having some performance issues (Memory hard faults), tryed fixing it when I told you that I'll catch up with you guys, but it was to no avail. Sorry for poisoning you with my meat, didn't mean to. But don't worry, you will live. Hope you are having a great time RP-ing with others. Cheers!
  7. Oh, neither you nor Grihm should get me wrong, I'm not saying "He died *xx* times, permadeath that sob", I'm just saying we should add some rules and, of course, punishments for players acting that way. I'm not the one you should ask how to write a good punishment or decent rules, I leave that to admins, just saying something needs to be added, not permadeath, but something.
  8. Well, I am 100% against forcing perma-death on anyone, but Grihm has a point here. There should be some limitations to ones play style. Alright, you could get shot few times in a row and survive, but to see a man get killed in front of your eyes 10+ times (and that is only how often you've seen it) and he always gets better and saved by some miracle is bs if you ask me. I'm not saying we should all go out and play peaceful farmers now, but people should have more value for their lifes, NVFL rule is ok, but just ok, it doesn't stop this things from happening. Now, not to make it just a rant, I've seen, in my personal experience, a man that has been killed about six times on GM, I know of it because he said that he had "blackouts" after going to GM. Its ok, but admins should control this kind of behaviour. Add a rule that you are permitted to die *xx* amount of times per week/month/year; add a rule that you are not allowed to die more than *x* per day, and similar rules in that manner. Of course we should also make exceptions on deaths by hackers/glitching through the map or floor/bugs like the 'death room' etc.
  9. DonLedon

    New whitelist system now live

    I actually liked my story so much that I'm going to "unpause" my old character and play with him again. Leon has a lot of work to do...
  10. DonLedon

    New whitelist system now live

    I actually liked my story so much that I'm going to "unpause" my old character and play with him again. Leon has a lot of work to do...
  11. DonLedon

    What junk do you pick up?

    If you pick up 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' or 'The Country of the Blind' which is quite short, I recommend them, good reads +1 on the "The Country of the Blind" Also would recommend the book called "The day of the beast", read it few times IG, bit long but always fun.
  12. DonLedon

    Real Military Experience

    If memory serves me right then certain colour blind people are actually very useful in the Army, when it comes to been a spotter for a sniper or by been a co pilot in a jet because you see colour variations differently so you could be able to spot people who are camouflaging them selves easier because of your condition. Or it might just be certain types of Colour Blindness that this happens in That is true and I am able to see people in camo more easier, to be honest sometimes they are...how to say, sticking out. Problem is our army has 0 tolerance on colourblindness, well at least I got in a nice college
  13. DonLedon

    Real Military Experience

    Well, I get to be the guy in the family that will break the few hundred years long tradition of soldiers in our family, sucks to be colorblind, but hey, it was a great gift from my mother, I shall cherish it for a lifetime
  14. One of the most innovative ways to introduce I have ever seen. Hope to see you ingame, and I hope your RP is as good as your story writing. Cheers!
  15. I thought the first one should be a special one