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  1. Mason Brown was born on 2050/05/21 at UPMC Mercy hospital. The hospital is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mason had a Normal childhood and grew up in a small town called New Hope Pa. During his childhood his father tried to keep him outdoors, in the wilderness as much as possible. So he could learn how to live off the land. His dad enforced, from a young age, the knowledge of how to handle himself, even without the modern comforts that we all got used to. Mason, for the most part, did pretty well in school. He followed the rules, did most of his school work. So in other words he was a normal student. He never seemed like anything too special. He didn’t really know what was going on, on the other side of the world until he was 18. His parents tried their hardest to shelter him from what was going on. Well they sheltered him from what they had the power to, anyways. When he finally found out, Mason was... well, pissed off to say the least. Because when he found out about the epidemic, it changed everything he thought he knew about the world. Like what he wanted his career to be, what he wanted his life to become, his entire view of the world changed. Almost everything he knew changed. After he knew the truth, he sought out any way he could help. For the next three years, Mason went through training for a military program that was preparing people for when the epidemic migraines over to the states. With all this military training, plus all the things that his family taught him over the years. Funny enough, even the stuff he learned in boy scouts. While still in the military program, Mason went and joined a military volunteer group that was working with a nonprofit that was heading over to help people going through the pandemic. All he wanted to do was find ways to help these people rebuild, regain what they lost, and get them back to the lives they once had. When The group finally got there everything was going all okay until the shit hit the fan. It felt like most of the training was for nothing. As soon as they got into it, it wasn’t at all what they trained for. The people weren't just sick, it was complete anarchy. Shortly after we got settled we learned the truth about the "infected". Shortly after the host is infected the host's brain suffers necrosis, they aren't infected, they're reanimated dead. A few days after the group learned this the group got driven out of their camp by the dead. Suddenly Mason was losing his group one by one. It started out with a few going missing then five, then six, and so on. For a while there, the group only had four people left. Though they kept pressing on. But it didn't take long for this new world to take its toll on them. They slowly realized that they were doomed since they stepped off the boat. All Mason could think about was back home, his family and how stupid he was to come here. Those thoughts got a lot worse once he was alone because it didn't take long before the rest of the group went missing or wound up dead. It's gotten so bad that Mason can’t recall what really happened out there. All he knows is that he's alone now but he needs to survive and he can't do that alone.
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