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  1. I'm sure my parents would be proud right now
  2. The program I had used was Krita with a Wacom Intuos tablet I really appreciate it!!
  3. ART ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mask stays on, bitches >:( Sobaki and their style @Redemption The most beautiful man in DayZ @Jackfish out here being a literal god The happy family
  4. Noelle was born in the surrounding area of New Orleans. When she was young, her mother carried her in an open backpack to scavenge for food. They survived on mere rations for years and living solely on the grace of others. It was rough, but Noelle made it to 10 years old alongside her mother, and despite being helped by the people, she hardly ever actually spoke to anyone by this point. She was very quiet in the early age and coming years and stood only in the background with short sentences to answer when asked. At the time she turned 13, her mother was struggling to continue to provide for herself as well as a growing person. A man named Antonio was someone the woman saw fit and pleaded for him to take Noelle to known colonization in Norway. After intense discussion and increasing denial, he finally set down the rules but agreed nonetheless. Noelle's mother stayed in America, their goodbye somber, and the girl's journey with Antonio would just begin. Many setbacks throughout the years forced them to head much more than they had planned. Noelle turned 15 by the time they made it to Norway, though many factors played into why they hadn't stopped there. Their relationship had grown to a hate-love bond, and Antonio couldn't let go. They stayed together for many months before eventually arriving in Nyheim. Their journey only truly taking flight.
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