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  1. Having spent most of his younger years dealing with constant turmoil as wars raged around him and resources became scarcer, the tough exterior he prided himself for became who he was -on the inside. His parents taught him to be loyal to his pack and to do whatever it takes to survive, they told him stories about having to make the kind of choices that change a man. As the years went on the people he grew up with moved on or died, even the closest friend he knew, Toby, left in the darkness of night to find a new home in a far away place. When both of his parents were killed on a supply run, it was time for him to make a choice. He had nothing keeping him there anymore. Thinking back to the only other person he’d ever felt loyalty toward, he set off to find Toby. Knowing only the name ‘Nyheim’ as Toby's last location, he was ready to move on. His search led him through bandit hideouts, abandoned settlements and broken down cities from the past- where his strength and determination were challenged. But, no matter the challenge he will never waiver, he wasn’t raised to be afraid.
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