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  1. She was very young when the war happened so her whole life she has been fighting for her existence. Her family fled Dallas after the war and headed toward Louisiana where they were able to find temporary refuge. Stories about Nyheim made it seem like the safe haven they had dreamed of and one day her parents decided to head toward Nyheim. Along the way her mother, Kaylee, and sister, Gracie, were killed by bandits so she had to grow up quickly. Her father taught her to trust no one, be loyal to those who show her loyalty, and always go with what she believed was right and just for survival. They would practice stabbing and slashing so she is proficient with a knife. Bullets were hard to come by along the road so she isn't as good with guns but she is always trying to do better with weaponry. She works out and can outrun a whole pack of zombies. She has mastered sneaking since she was the youngest and smallest and she isn't afraid to steal an apple from a neighbors tree if its all there is to eat. BUT she will not hesitate to share her apple with the people she cares about. She is loyal to a fault when you earn her trust, but earning her trust isn't easy. When her father, Joseph, died the morning of her 25th birthday in a beat down lean-to in the middle of no where she decided it was time to get serious about finding Nyheim. Following the clues she was given and trading information with lonely drifters along the way, she was able to find her new home. Tired and lonely but optimistic about her future, she is ready to build a new family and establish herself for the first time since she was a kid.
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