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  1. Israel Izzy/C4 Garcia is a Leo. He is courageous and strong. He has an amazing, protective attitude towards friends. He cares very deeply for those closest to him. He is an optimist who is able to see the silver lining to life. He likes to see the positive side of any situation. He is a natural leader and always wants to be on the top and in the spotlight. He works hard to be center staged in social gatherings. He has a natural confidence, he is a crowd pleaser and has a desire for attention. He is kind and will stand up for the underdog every time. He has a compassionate heart, and is extremely loyal to his friends and those he calls family. At times, his dominance and confidence can be seen more like arrogance and conceit. Sometimes he gets self-centered and thinks he is the best in everything. It's often his way or the highway. Doesn't bother with things when the situation offers little fun or glory to him. Stubborn and doesn't accept fault often. Always wants to rule, never wants to listen. He hates it when someone tries to outshine him and often discredits opponents and rivals.
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