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  1. Bases should be available to be raided at any given time imo however I’d wonder whether that those who do have a valid rp reason as to why. people also argue that this loot hoarding server… however I’ve seen folks stacked to the brim so I’d second guess if they also say that. on that I’d say solo players ain’t necessarily “hoarding” as much loot as the bigger factions… this may be why people ask for increased “insert objects “ spawns
  2. This would be cool, and if it left a radiation zone too however I’d argue that the maps to small imo
  3. Thought this was the rule already?
  4. It helps identifying who your robbing , would hate to raid some ik unknowingly
  5. Wouldn’t be a fan personally it would make it a chore to play imo
  6. I agree with what @Wolffe has said. But A more dynamic threat would be great to have
  7. In relation to a previous post , who mentioned toning down the wolves. I’ve no qualms with that personally how ever I did see some one mention about toning up the deer and elk ect which in my humble opinion I agree with so yea toning up the elf and elk would be great imo 18 hours play time ive nly seen 1 deer and I’m generally out in the sticks
  8. Wolves are okay tbh got jumped by two packs within the space of 5 mins but that appears not to be a regular thing I agree with @imfrosty comment deer and elk could be raised. Only seen one and have played 18 hours with the majority in the woodland/ wild
  9. Boone

    Item shop

    Forgive me if this is posted in the incorrect place. was wondering if things purchased in the item shop are with your character permanently or once you die the said items have gone and need to re purchase them ?
  10. I’m new here too, been here about a week every base I’ve came across has been ransacked. I just take that as it probably won’t be safe and if I build one and it’s highly likely that it will happen to me. So I’ve accepted any potential base I build will at some point have guests. Also that said I say to myself …Challenge accepted.
  11. …Entry #1 …As I write, Im currently curled up by the fire watching my wolf meat turn crispy I’ve a nice view overlooking an abandoned airport.. it’s a scenic place to pen my first diary entry, …how did I get here hmm I don’t even know myself. Washing upon sure was dazing and confusing I dragged myself through the dense woods for god knows how long ,found a couple of cabins to stay out the rain and also jacket to help with the cold Once the rain settled I moved on albeit aimlessly. Wasn’t long till in the distance I noticed this gawping huge tower block coming through the tree line.. so there we go, no more aimlessly wandering i dialled in and to there we go.. As cautiously pursue my destination the city revealed itself, the huge intimidating dull walls contrast to the landscape it’s surrounded with, a few buildings have flags with black and red insignia which provide the only colour within the walls. I shuttle about scavenging for food it’s been a while since I’ve eaten, and it’s appearing foods not really a common commodity, I’ve no doubt the locals have ransacked these places already but I’ve always said if you don’t try you will die.. As I moved around I came across my first encounter with the locals , out of one building I came and boom.. 3 guys masks on and assault rifles in hand ran by, I stood watching anxiously thinking how an outsider like me would be treated. If they noticed me and yes they did see me, a few turned back and made way towards me “Salutations” one said I responded in kind with a hi. The asked my name and I asked for theirs. “Tommen” I heard but I feel I’m mistaken. “We got business to attend to” one of them shouted and off the went. Off they went and and then I went back to scavenging hours went by before I decided to leave the city and head south , now that I had found a compass. On the outskirts of the city through the underneath I strolled, I noticed I was being followed by a bush.. yes a bush. As I stopped he stopped no doubt hoping I haven’t noticed him then I moved I ran to the tree line his amongst the bushes he goes past then turns around being chased by the infected. Out comes an axe I managed to find and I help the guy and take down the infected. We exchanged greetings, was some what cordial but the way he talked sounded sinister albeit it was seemingly pleasant conversation He’s then joined buy the 3 guys I came across earlier in the city A brief chat before again all of us are set upon by a horde..they let fire I managed to run off into the woodland getting away.. Curiosity and the previous friendly back and forth made me turn around and try find them to which I did fairly easy. “ I thought you died” one said when I reapproached them” It was from then it got sinister, the one who appeared to be the leader dressed in his ghillie was talking drugs, asking if I had some or wanted some.. being new in this place they were testing me I thought. I declined there offer but the 3 of them became heavy handed, essentially forcing to follow them to an abandoned gas station .. one of ad kind enough to give me water though, silver linings and all I’m not necessarily against it so as you please I guess but in a strange land I’d rather keep my wits about me then be off my head. Pinned up against a corner and all 4 of them doing ketamine on the counter it was my turn I point blankly refused. And then one pulled out a gun..and ordered And quite frankly I’m a survivalist ..il do what’s needed to survive… drugs done I was told to fuck off and I fucked off and pretty sharpish too , back out into the wild again. That is as my first encounter with a group within this region , my second was with a woman called alina and guy called Eric who seemed reluctant to tell me his name at first and when asked he advised “your find out soon” and to which I only found out when we were interrupted by some folks asking what were doing and for our names… one mentioned something about “vk” although I don’t know what they were talking they liked his clothing though. Alina and Eric seemed okay, Eric found me some pants so I couldn’t complain. Days between travelling I found a ruined airport so more time scavenging. Ended up being trapped on a rooftop for the afternoon. Feeling courageous I tried to make my break, I slid down the ladder and darted, being pursued by the infected overwhelmed I turned back round and was frightened to death by this big white rush also sprinting away from the infected we both without hesitation climb back to roof I had spent my afternoon on. Alvin, he was called suited up in a snow ghillie surrounded by the green vegetation it gave me a wry smile,he was an affable guy, as the infected screamed below he gave me some champagne as we plotted are escape from the rooftop. We planned to dart across the airfield building to building and to which we did. Alvin mentioned he came from the city, where he came across a hospital room filled with people strapped to the beds and dr talking about experiments. He was heading back there and inclined if I would go with him. I declined, advised him I’m heading south to camp and find a permanent ground zero. So he offered me a parting gift that of a compass to which I refused as I had my own and then-we parted ways. Hours turned to days exploring the area, seen a couple of folks in suits and flat caps up nr an old fortified army camp and then watch them through a scope as they drank water. Down below the hill. Trying to find a location to set up shop is Hard, thought I found a place but then several rifle shots I heard seemed far to close for comfort. I moved on from that spot and headed west. Seeking cover from the Heavy rain a house along the main road, decided to chop some wood and dry off but then a pack of wolves came upon me, ran back to the house and popped them off one by one, wanting to conserve my meagre ammo rounds I thought I’d take the last one with my axe.. low and behold he got the best of me clawed and biten I was losing blood fast, vision blurring I lured the last wolf into the house and trapped him within it and got out ASAP and as soon as I did blacked out… Felt like hours, before I was somewhat able to move again.. coming back to consciousness to hear the wolf barking away in the locked house before passing out again… but when I can round I collected what I could from the dead dogs and weakly heading west to my current location to recuperate and and gather myself..which leads me to writing here.
  12. Boone


    Thanks everyone
  13. Boone


    Hello folks, newcomer here , I’m looking forward to meeting some of you and discover what stories there are to be told !
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