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  1. Jose Luis, being born from a Mexican family in the middle of Europe ended up having to grow up moving from country to country, at the young age of 5 he sadly lost his mother after a car accident being left alone whit only his father and his younger brother, after that everything went from bad to worse when at 14 he lost his father while he tried to protect them from a group of zombies and was left alone with only his brother, even though Jose tried everything to try to find a good future for his little brother , sadly one day he was taken away by a group of raiders for some unfinished business leaving Jose alone, during those 4 years of wandering alone and having to survive from day to day hoping to one day be reunited whit his only family member, sadly he still has no clue where to look for his brother, he found Camellio, as he likes to be called , meeting him after doing some work for some sketchy company, nowadays they travel together but Jose Luis still looking for his brother, accompanied whit his friend Camellio, he hopes one day he can find his younger brother and get back at the people that did him wrong.
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