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  1. Son of a Latino couple and a passionate of life itself Camelio, as his mother called him is an anxious but noble mess of a person, overtly interested in history, who's biggest wish is to know more of the world before the formation of "Nyheim" and all of the conflict which transcurred in between it and the current date, most of his life has been spent taking care of his father, after he lost his mother at the age of 12, his father was devastated and never recovered, taking on his shoulders like the titan Atlas would, the immense weight of his own world, focusing on always supporting his family and loved ones, he never really developed a lot of friendships nor social skills, having a bad way with words and communication in general. His fun was reading old and ragged books that contained stories which were written in better times, times where you didn't have to fight nail and teeth for your survival, but Camelio is alright with that, always hopping for a positive outcome, and while trying to contribute to it, traveling around, until he landed where he's currently located, Chernarus, along with his pal Jose, still searching for knowledge and ways to at least in minor ways, change the world for good.
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