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  1. I come from lands far away after I lost my family and my wife to the apocalypse. I wanted to leave everything behind that reminding me of them. I'm an emotional guy and could not hold myself with all those memories there. I get on the roads and start walking, running, driving. It was a tough journey. Then i run into a stranger someday well, i run into a lot of strangers but this one was different. She said that she was going to a place called Nyheim and she was so excited and full of hope for that place I could not understand the reason. Then we talked for hours, and she told me the stories she heard about Nyheim. She said that, she run into lots of strangers coming back from Nyheim to scavenge and then going back to there. She said that some of them were hostile some of them very friendly. Clearly, there are lots of communities and people there. Well it's better than where i am coming from so i started going there. We traveled together, her name was Shyra. But one day when we built a camp to sleep the night, I heard a noise and woke up from my sleep. I looked for her and she was gone. I could not quite understand why she left. We were going great to becoming friends. Did i say something wrong? She did not like me? I don't know. Well, it gave me some thoughts to think like i did not have any... while i m going to Nyheim. The journey is rough but I m keeping myself healthy and in good condition. Ready for what's ahead. Hopefully, I will get there by the time she gets there. I will try to find Shyra. If she is still alive and well. If not, well another one to remember while i live in vein. I hate being emotional but i can't change myself. This is who i am. I'm Hope.
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