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  1. Born within the time tested walls of Ander's Holdfast, Harold Edgar Phillips (Or Harry to those who know him) has always had the feeling of comfort and security around him. But after the loss of his parents during The War To End All Wars, that all changed. At the age of 10, he found himself travelling with his aunty around what used to be Europe. First they stopped in the still war scarred settlements of Germany and France where Harry learned how to survive without the comfort of walls to secure him at night. Next, the two traders travelled through Poland and Ukraine after hearing stories from settlements about potential safety further north. They spent many years chasing after stories and sleeping with the cold air gnawing at their beings before Harry’s aunty finally fell victim to the icy claws of death. It was not a starving or deadly bandit that had got her, but instead carelessness around the infected is what hit the final nail into her coffin. Alone, scared and unsure of what to do, Harry desperately ventured north, the hope of safety being all he had left in this world. Eventually he found himself following signs leading to Nyheim and now he stands, with the lessons of his past etched into his skin, hoping to recapture the safety he once felt as a child.
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