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  1. Growing up in a religous nunnery in cubernauld he was miss guided by his fellow peers into doing many crimes in his youth, this led to joseph in his early twentys in a state of poverty in and out of prison for theft and being in contact with numerous crime syndicts in the local area. eventualy he met his sweetheart Jane during a arms deal and they soon fell in love causing them to try and escape there lifes from the crime ridden ones they were living. the fled east to scottsmans cliff where they tryed to settle down into there now legitmet and lawabiding lifes. soon after moving Joseph soon found god and freqently went to church. he adventualy found work and became a popular member of the local community eventually riseing to his job as the towns preist. after a few years in living with his now wife Jane and Joseph were happily together. Joseph travled back to Cumbernauld to visit the nunnery where he was left as a child and make amens to the nuns he sinned to. he found out that most of the gang activity in the area was in a stalemate and as his church was lacking funds he decided to play both sides under a alias known as the The Father. He worked in secret away from his wife and the church while he dismantled both operations from the inside out and returing with a massive donation from the local council of cumbernauld to his church. he then settled back into his life and welcomed in many strays into his flock during the hardtimes at the start of the outbreak eventually leading to him being the local pastor and warlord of scotsmans cliff. eventually after the church was overran by zombies he and the other survivers fled and overtime where picked off or where lost. now he frequently walks the land and inhabits local churches keeping them clean and tidy and helping any survivors find comfort in either by god or the safety of his churches.
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