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  1. Just a blanket reply to all the warm welcomes! Thank you all! It's already been pretty awesome, and I've met more people in the few hours of play than I did in MONTHS on other servers. I am enjoying the atmosphere... and I know my friends will as well. I know many of them applied, some of them are already accepted, and we hope to be able to find each other soon so you can meet us in all our glorious fashion.
  2. Hey all, I've been wandering around the city recently, you might have seen a fresh blood cowering in the shadows and digging through the buildings for pants. I've been having a blast, and my friends are still working on getting in so... it's only going to get better. The past few years my RP itch has been "scratched" by playing in and running various FiveM cities and even jumping into RedM. Unfortunately, those have never fit the RP style I grew up on. I played a lot of D&D, White Wolf, and Rift. That was RP! You had a character, who had stuff, but it wasn't about the stuff. I had tried to be a part of another DayZ RP island because the size of this one was intimidating for a new to DZStandalone. Unfortunately, that server had some management fallout and didn't survive. So I launched a Namalsk themed PvE world for my friends and I. It was a blast. This brought me full circle to coming back to DayZRP and bringing a bunch of friends with me... as soon as they do their part to join. I've been gaming for over 30 years, and I can already feel that DayZRP is built to accommodate my playstyle a bit more than other options. I look forward to meeting people in the world and just experiencing the story that has been built for us and by us.
  3. Toby lived in the central Atlantic region of the US until the violence and challenge of doing so became too much to bear. He and a group of friends had heard of places where cities were being rebuilt and decided to pack up and find such a place. The travels took them far away from home. After reaching landfall they had a few run ins with some hostile groups and eventually they all became separated. Toby now works to travel light, and find the location his friends and he had agreed to find in the hopes of reconnecting with them. He has always done odd jobs to get by and never wanted more than the simple life he led. Something manageable and with few relationships to reduce the risk of loss and grief. He's grown untrustworthy of those outside of his small group, but knows that he relies on their need of help. He has continued to work odd jobs to gain a warm bed and a meal, but rarely stays in one place for more than a day or two as his distrust makes him anxious around people. He leans towards helping families with children or older people as they are a lower risk to his own survival. One day, Toby hopes to find a home, and his friends. He hopes to become a valuable asset to a small commune and be able to stop running.
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