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  1. Born and raised in the wastelands Jager Klinken saw both the cruelty and kindness of man when he was 15. A group of bandits captured both him and his parents, torturing them for days before one faithful night when a survivor [who went by the nickname "Guardian"] saved him from a firing-line but not in time for Jager's parents who Jager saw get shot by the bandit's firing-line just before his "Guardian Angel" intervened and raised him until "Guardian" was betrayed and killed during a slave trade intervention mission, Jager later found out from a survivor of the ambush, Jager [17 at the time] pledged to honor his "Guardian Angel" and help those who are in need and guide them through the harsh wasteland. Adopting the nickname "Guardian" he set out on his quest to honor his "Guardian Angel". Now 19 Jager Klinken travels the wastelands aiding those who are in need and pointing them in a safe direction. He now finds himself in the region of Nyheim unknowing of what is ahead he only knows that wherever the cruelty of man is so shall those in need.
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