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  1. Samuel was born an only child near Tromø in extremely troubled times. He moved often with his family, a lot of the time relaying on the kindness of strangers, while themselves doing what they could to help others, his father's skills as a doctor often times coming in useful. Samuel's father strived to impart his medical knowledge to Samuel, hoping for him to eventually bear the torch of medicine, after his death. In the mid 50's, Samuel and his parents moved to the city of Nyheim, hoping to finally settle down and gain some stability. The city slowly rebuilt, with Samuel finally striking out and becoming a fully fledged doctor. In 1960 Samuel's father, unfortunately died, with his mother passing only 2 years later. In the early 60's, Samuel joined "The Special Research Society" - a group of like-minded doctors and scientists, trying to battle the virus in any way possible, either by finding a cure, or a weapon to specifically target the infected. Although no real progress was made towards either of those goals, they learned much of the virus, allowing the employment of better protective measures against it. But things started to turn sour when the unrest begun. Samuel and the society had to focus more and more of their efforts on helping with the quarantine as well as many of the injured from the riots and crackdowns. The society quickly shrunk in 2070, with many doing their best to leave the city, after the research building was burnt down, and all of the research notes on the virus with it. Though Samuel would stay and help, no matter what, or at least that's what he thought, until christmas eve, 2070. There were still wounded, mostly dying in the streets in the morning, many were "put out of their misery", and others were refused any help. After that, Samuel could not take any of this, with his work on the virus gone in a blaze, and his desire to help drowned in litres of blood, he left the city, hoping to find somewhere to be once again able to help.
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