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  1. Zoya was born in the remains of what used to be Russia. She received basic education while growing up. Later her father was lost during the local militia's attempts to fight with the virus. When things became rough, her area have fell into the further chaos, young Zoya have joined a group of survivors who was moving towards the North, seeking to escape the violence and to survive, aiming to reach what used to be Finland - the rumours was that the infection was lower there and some ordered, civilised life began to form and was maintained. This is how she have settled in Scandinavia in one of the newly arised spot of relative civilisation, where she began to work in a local hospital, starting as a nurse, and later specialising in a mental health conditions, working close with PTSD for military personnel in more recent years. As the news about the new land broke, some groups began to claim that they are able to organise a pass to this place, asking quite a price for it. She decided to take the risk and took off to this unknown new place, hoping to find more stability, and most importantly - peace. Time will show.
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