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  1. Born in 2044 Howard was a young boy, about 4 years old when he was orphaned and taken in by an American family surviving on the Isle of Man, who as he grew taught him how to fish, shoot and live off the land, even giving him an education in reading and writing. Now 25 Years old, Living on the Isle was relatively care free where settlements would come together and trade, mainly fish and other tinned goods. However the days began to turn sour and bandits from mainland England would begin raiding communities on the isle and killing whomever they pleased. Disturbed by this, people in the settlement where Howard lived began to panic and started to leave on their fishing boats to avoid the conflict, including himself and his own adopted family. Their lives turned upside down and uprooted from where they called home for years, Howard and his family were now Nomads, travelling from country to country on their sailing boat scouring the shores for abandoned towns to scavenge from. On a dark moonless night a few miles off shore, Howards boat sat as a storm rolled in. As waves crashed onto the side of the boat Howard was flung from his hammock and rushed to the top deck to set the sail to try and escape the storm but doing so allowed the wind to capsize the boat water flooded in, his family still below deck, that was the last he ever saw of his adopted parents... His family presumed dead, Howard was washed up on the shore of a land he did not know, freezing and starving. He now wonders the wilderness trying to survive.
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