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  1. “I don’t think that I will make it that far, unfortunately I fear the worst if I can’t get help soon.”
  2. *A panicked man pushed speaks into the radio* "This is Yuri, I need medical help fast, I tore my suit while I was in Tisy Military Base, and I got exposed to whatever it is in there. Please help me, I am headed to Grozovy Pass now. I can pay you greatly." *Transmission ends and Yuri begins toward his destination*
  3. My most memorable would definitely be my first ever RP encounter, ignore my terrible RP as it was my first time. I was RPing as the friendly neighborhood hero John Boulvard. All credit goes to Twig for the great video.
  4. Mintei


    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. Would be neat to get some type of reward for logging hours, however I could see people abusing this and just AFKing in the woods for that cool item they want.
  6. Mintei


    +1. A country side like Chernarus would definitely have off road vehicles like this, makes sense.
  7. Met up with the group and had 3-4 hours of RP, great RP from everyone!
  8. Was unaware of such issues with loot tables and performance on the two servers etc.. With this info it does make more sense to keep S1 and S2 on separate maps/hives whatever. Even if one has considerably lower population, hopefully these panned events will help that.
  9. I like this idea, keep the population of S1 high and when it gets close to full open S2. I also think S2 should be Chernarus personally, just don't really like Deer Isle.
  10. +1. Hate spawning in the forest and get a female character model when I die, always have to hope no one finds me so I don't have to try and RP with a mismatched character model, name and voice.
  11. Yuri lived his entire life in Novigrad, where he learned from a young age that he had a knack for getting around. In middle school Yuri had broken records on his Track and Field team and in cross country, in highschool he represented the province at a national level. After highschool Yuri was offered a scholarship to a university in Canada, however Yuri didn’t have the grades to attend university and was forced to stay home in Chernarus. He wished to move out, but couldn’t afford it, so he moved in with his grandmother in Electrozavodsk where he got a job as a pizza delivery guy, Yuri did this job until the infection spread. For the first two years Yuri took care of his grandmother, but after her passing, Yuri left the city and began to venture out to gather supplies.
  12. I agree with you, I think that the admin team should reconsider adding fast travel. After reading through the post about upcoming mods and seeing that fast travel had 3X more votes for no than yes, I thought it very strange that @Roland said that they were planning to add it anyway. Maybe they should re-vote on that specific mod to get a more accurate response.
  13. @Watchman got my vote, best suited for a loading screen IMO!
  14. Cameron was born in Chernarus on the small island of Utes, where his father and uncle were fishermen. He loved it there, when he was old enough his father started to take him fishing with him and this is where Cameron found his first love of life, the ocean. Up until he was nine when Cameron was not in school he was with his father on his boat. But when the Civil War broke out in Chernarus, he was taken from the place he loved by his mother, the two of them fled to Canada, where Cameron went to school and lived happily. When Cameron became old enough he wished to go back to Utes and visit his father. However when Cameron landed in Novigrad, the country was in panic due to the recent outbreak. Cameron fled the city and began to make his way to where he hoped his father would be.
  15. Vlad grew up in a small fishing community off the coast of Chernarus, he grew up with his family working, 6 days a week and going to church on their day off. Vlad grew up hard, living paycheck to paycheck, working near everyday, until he was old enough to buy his own boat and fish on his own. Through the civil war Vlad and his older brother fought beside each other for their country, for NAPA. Vlad's brother gave his life for it and Vlad's hatred for anything foreign grew. After the war Vlad fished until the infection made it unprofitable. Vlad has reverted back to his NAPA ways and wishes to make Chernarus for the Chernarussians.
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