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  1. BeanZ WAR

  2. S1 KOS in Stary Sobor - 03-04-2017 00:45

    It was most likely because dayz was buggy, I just put up a report to be sure. This can be closed, Thanks!
  3. Server and location: S1, Stary Sobor Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03-04-2017, 00:44 Your in game name: Lesly Richards Names of allies involved: Neeko Rahmbach, Jerry Hunt Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: The three of us were in Stary looting and looking for trouble, we met someone who was extremely nervous and we screwed around with him. He dropped his clothing and said to take what we need just not to hurt him, or something along the lines of that (we have not initiated). After some running around up at the tents I drop dead while running.
  4. Can't join DayZRP S1

    The restart fixed it. This can be solved now!
  5. Can't join DayZRP S1

    I'll probably just wait the ten minutes till restart and if it still persists I'll try what Chewy said, Thanks!
  6. Can't join DayZRP S1

    I select the server enter the password wait through the queue and then get stuck on the Green Mountain load screen. I have restarted my DayZ, my PC and joined different servers fine just can't join the RP ones. Any help would be great thanks!
  7. *Edek Makes sure that the doors to the house he is locked in are shut well.* *He then goes to his bag and takes out his radio and begins to speak in his Chernarussian accent.* "This is Edek Luda, I seem to be surrounded by a pack of wolves and I have ran out of ammo." "I can not outrun them either." "To anyone that may be located near Gvozdno I ask for your help to deal with these wolves." *Edek sets his radio on top of the fridge and looks out the window.*
  8. Edgar hastily sits down on one of the low beds in the barrack like building, he looks around at the stove and towards a cupboard and then to his bag. He takes out his radio and starts relaying a message filled with panic. "To je Edgar Kozik, jsem v nouzi pomoc. Musím jídlo velmi špatně, jsem na farmě rodiny na severu je dům a pak 3 menší kasárna z boku ní. Pokud někdo slyší prosím, pomozte mi, já nechci umřít takhle." He repeats it again in English. "This is Edgar Kozik, I am in need of help. I need food very badly, I am at the farm of a family in the north there is a house and then 3 smaller barracks out side of it. If anyone hears this please help me. I do not want to die like this." Edgar puts his radio to the next channel and repeats his message.
  9. DayZRP In-Game / Progressive Timeline:

    Great idea! +1
  10. S3 Underage/BadRP Myshinko Tents 13-07-2016,16:00

    I am 99% sure it was S3 I do not recall switching servers. There was 2 allies and I, and a single suspect who was killed by Nikolai Kostin. I am not sure what else to add really. Edit:It would be greatly appreciated if you could go through the trouble to check S2's logs because that is the only that we would have switched to if we did. 2nd Edit: If you could look under Stanislav Petov aswell, there seems to be some confusion around who had acutually shot him.
  11. Who has been killed by landmines?

    2nd time, made that a third today.
  12. S3 Underage/BadRP Myshinko Tents 13-07-2016,16:00

    Link to video, shadowplay recording is very dark and I started recording very late. Please excuse the heavy breathing.
  13. S3 Underage/BadRP Myshinko Tents 13-07-2016,16:00

    I believe you have posted the logs from a different event that had happened. The event that I have reported against was roughly 15-30 minutes before 14-07-2016, 03:27 So sorry about the time confusion.
  14. Server and location: S3 Myshinko Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13-07-2016 16:00(made a time stamp) Your in game name: Luka Konstatin Names of allies involved: Nikolai Kostin, Rurik Petrov Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot) Will post ASAP. Detailed description of the events: The three of us decided to go to Myshinko tents to stock up on ammo and find extra uniforms because a member of our group had recently died. As we arrived Rurik arrived first and ended up getting initiated on, then Nikolai and I arrived, we started to reason with the man who seemed to sound extremely young to put his weapon down. The man had made our friend drop all of his clothing, the man complied and we asked why he was holding up our boy, he replied with "I just need some gear" or something along those lines he then turned towards me and raised his weapon, we then killed him.
  15. The Red Movement [WIP]

    The new thread looks amazing Razii! Great job man!