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  1. I met these guys at the airfield who I payed taxes to it was a fun interaction and a interesting meeting with my boss cant wait for the next one
  2. I was born in the small city of Ifjord near a gas station. as a kid I enjoyed helping my dad repairing guns my mom died when I was born and my dad died in a hunting accident, at age 14 I was forced to survive on my own in the forest when a group of cannibals burned down my home I hid in an old cabinet while I heard them eat my friends alive I never trusted anyone after that as it was me how showed them where we lived. and so I started drifting vaguely north-east moving form town to town looting and helping people if they need it but always being aware of my surroundings and who I help. most of all the people I hate are cannibals for obvious reasons. along the way I met a guy he never told me his name but his was the only one I have trusted I a long time however we split up as he was going north and I was going north-east and so I continued my travels trying to find at group I can trust as being along has taken it´s toll on the mind as I kept traveling north-east I eventually ended up in NyHeim where I seek what I have being looking for.
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