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  1. I was born into a house of chaos whitin in the walls of Nyheim and left home at fifteen and had to learn how to fight and survive because my mom got attaked by an intruder who broke in and killed my sister and shot and killed by mother right after i grabed a knife and started stabing at him for what felt like minutes and eventually hit him in the left forearm which he used to hold his gun as he dropped it he started taking off as i grab his gun so i shot at him as he rounded the corner i chased him out while shooting at him when plikt came and beat me up and then forced me to work in a factory where i met a man called Mikey he was known for fighting for extra food and snacks among the other workers where he had no losses but 1 draw with another worker known as Hanma where i met them and got to know them a little while but Mikey broke Hanma out as he was there by force and left me here to work my sentence out now that i'm free i want to meet them again where ever they might be
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