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  1. Mandela Freeman was born a little outside Nyheim in a small camp with about 12 people. These people all gathered together after leaving town when they ran into some trouble with PLIKT. None of them were related except for Mandela and his mother, though they all treated each other as family. Back when they lived in town they were always together, mainly in their houses or yards because they could never get along with or trust anybody else, but they've been acting as a family for a while. Mandela's father was killed in the incident that had them drove out of town by PLIKT, so his mother always had him go out at an early age with all the other men when they went hunting or scavenging in hopes of somewhat filling the role of a father figure, teaching him all the things he needs to know after years of watching the men and learning from them first-hand. By the time he was 14 he was already pulling as much weight as the other men, doing just as much if not more work and supplying for the camp. Mandela had a hard time though, he'd already lost his father and never met him, and he'd also lost a few friends throughout the years from camp. They were down to 9 people, they were starting to struggle when groups of the zombie-like creatures attacked. When Mandela was 20, they suffered a major attack and he lost his mother, as well as five other people. They were down to 3 people including Mandela. They packed up everything they could whence everything was clear and headed off deep into the woods. They stayed there struggling hard and supplying for themselves for 20 years. Just barley surviving with almost being attacked numerous times when all of the wars were happening. They luckily managed to live through it though. One day Mandela and his two brothers heard someone come over the radio talking about a city of which sounded very promising. He wanted nothing more than to be able to go to a place where he could relax, get a good nights sleep for once, not have to constantly worry about someone or something taking everything away from you then killing you, and this man promised it all. His brothers (close friends) were very skeptical, and thought it might be a trap to lure people in and take their supplies since people would likely take everything with them. They got into a very heated argument about it and the two brothers decided they were staying, that they were gonna risk they're lives when they basically have it made where they're at. They're on top of a wooded mountain and haven't had a problem in over 6 years. They had made their minds, and so he set off. He wasn't able to bring much with him, jus a little pouch full of jerky and nuts, a bow with not many arrows, a knife, and some fur clothing. Not much else other than that. It took him a while to get there, though he finally made it, and it was everything he hoped for. Which all he wanted was someplace more secure than a couple wood walls to sleep in at night, and people. Now he still didn't trust many people but it started to drive him crazy being basically locked up for 20 years with people he's known his whole life. But anyway he fit in pretty decent here and stayed. Ever since then he's been slowly adapting to this new city life of which he's never experienced.
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