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  1. When the outbreak began, Nathan's mother and father hopped onto his father's fishing boat and got the hell away from the mainland as quick as they could. They stayed on the water as long as they could, only hitting land when absolutely necessary. They lived almost solely on fish. Eventually it became too difficult to have enough fuel to sustain living on the water. They landed on the east coast of the Mediterranean where they survived thanks to the help of some other survivors. They moved from group to group as they fell apart. Nathan was born in 2045, killing his mother in childbirth. The lack of pain killers meant his mothers screams during labor brought the dead down on top of them. His father took care of him, showing him how to fish, shoot and everything else he'd need to survive. Eventually the same fate met his father, as he gave his life to give other survivors time to escape. Nathan continued moving over the next few years, joining groups where he could but they all eventually met the same fate. He eventually found himself in the Chernarussian area, and eventually to Nyheim. And while Nathan has become rather untrusting in his years alone, he's willing to do what it takes to protect the innocent, in honor of his father.
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