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  1. Born half a decade after the fall of communism in Romania, Vadim was the second son of Maria and Ioan Coman, brother of Stefan. Even if at the begining Vadim's family struggled after the fall of communism due to poverty, slowly and especially after the adherence of Romania to the European Union, the family managed to get in a stable financial situation and offer Vadim and Stefan a decent life. Vadim was fascinated by medieval history and mountains, being an active hiker since a young age. After he finished with school he studied statistics and economic informatics at an university in Bucharest. During the outbreak, Vadim found himself in Chernarus on a summer solo trip around Chernarus to hike around the mountains and visit the medieval castles of Chernarus. When Vadim realised what was really happening in Chernarus, it was already too late. He would never again be able to meet with his family, his friends, or his girlfriend that he had so many plans for the future with. Suddenly everything changed and he is now alone with only one goal, surviving.
  2. TheRealHero

    Why does everybody RP Master Chief?

    If you are in a zombie apocalypse and you find some high quality military clothes, boots, vests everything and weapons, would you leave them just so you won't look like a soldier? I just avoid doing it because it's annoying having everyone ask me "are you a soldier? because you look like one" like seriously just because I was a mechanic years ago when the apocalypse started it doesn't mean I should still have my mechanic clothes on and look like a mechanic. I find good clothes and weapons, I take them, I see a helmet that could save my life from a bullet going towards my head, I would take it, if it wasn't for everyone here asking if I am a soldier just because I wear a helmet on my head. So, I avoid military clothes, even though, they would help a lot and they are realistic.
  3. Are walkie-talkies actually working now? Can you talk on a walkie talkie while it's in your inventory or you have to take it in your hands to use it? Damn, I remember they weren't working back in time.
  4. Just because someone is dressed in military gear it doesn't mean that he is ex-military. You are in a zombie apocalypse where wearing different clothes daily is not possible. You need to move easily and at the same time you need clothing durability, so wearing everyday clothing wouldn't help. You must be stupid to find some good military clothing, boots a helmet that can save your life not take them. I hike a lot and I use some military clothing, normal black boots, backpacks and everything, military clothing is really durable, cheaper than expensive hiking gear and does the job REALLY GOOD. Now if apocalypse happened I can get the hiking gear, boots, clothing and backpack, similar to the ones a soldier would have. Of course I wouldn't have a vest or a helmet lol but I believe I could find something after looking around some abandoned military checkpoints etc not a big deal. Now just imagine in an apocalypse, where your life is at danger every second, would you run around wearing some nice blue jacket that will make you visible in the woods or will you prefer some clothing that is durable since you can't afford to change clothes a lot, clothing that makes you less visible to others a helmet that can save your life, some boots that will last to walking and running 24/7 in harsh conditions. If you find this kind of clothing that gives you so much more advantage that can save your life, would you not pick them up because you want to stay a civilian? It's been years since apocalypse started, I think everyone would realise by now that civilian clothing is useless in such conditions.
  5. What's even worse for me is that there is nothing to fear, knowing that the rules don't allow people to KoS, that's my biggest issue, I walk around NWAF like it ain't a thing.
  6. I always permakill my character, unless I die by a bug or something, it is much easier for me since I am on my own, but I imagine for people that built strong relations with other people and are a part of a faction in which they hold an important rank it is much harder to be forced to permakill their characters, so...
  7. This is because the KOS rule allows people to do this, why should I be afraid of someone if I know they are not going to shoot me and if they rob me it will be fun too for the RP, that's why nobody cares, because according to the rules aiming your gun at another person is initiation and if everyone starts doing this realistic thing the report section will be filled with reports, that's why people just prefer to go to people and ask them how their day was instead of approaching them in a realistic way.
  8. They needed like 6 months to go for 0.60, they will probably release 0.61 in December on stable. So in one year we got two updates that added just few minor things but with important engine changes or some shit, so I don't know if it keeps going like this probably not in the next 5-6 years.
  9. TheRealHero

    DayZ: New Car, Backpack, Gun, Building and more!

    The updates and content slowing down is precisely because of the main fact that the devs have changed the whole engine. In which means they have to change everything that is the devolpment faze. So that means they needed to change the animation maker tool, the modelling application tool and so forth. The slow pace is because of the renderer change we had months ago, that change made the devs have to change everything. I hope you understand Yeah, I thought of that to be honest, makes sense, thanks.
  10. TheRealHero

    DayZ: New Car, Backpack, Gun, Building and more!

    Too little content for months of work, back in time there used to be one update per month and with more content, it's weird.
  11. TheRealHero

    Putting 'real' danger back into the game

    At this moment I think nothing is possible as I doubt you can mod your DayZ server.
  12. TheRealHero

    Putting 'real' danger back into the game

    It's so unrealistic to walk randomly in a town in a zombie apocalypse and meet a group of guys by just saying "Hi" just because you know they will not shoot you because the rules will not allow them to... But anyway, you can't force people to be bandits, I just wish interaction with other players would make me feel something and not just feel like another boring chat, but I think it's not possible.
  13. Why on earth would they do that? I don't think they want people to start building sniping bases in the middle of Cherno so they can kill all the fresh spawns that spawn in it and I don't think they want people to build sniper towers in middle of mishkino and shoot everyone that comes to get some gear either, I don't know, that's what I think. EDIT: I didn't mean restrict the object only in these areas, I wanted to say that you won't be able to place objects in these areas, my bad only now I saw., restrict them outside these high populated areas only.
  14. Probably DayZ devs will restrict the use of base building objects in big cities and military bases.
  15. TheRealHero

    Maps and Navigation