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"Slaves of fear, from the moment we're born."

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  1. Chapter 1: Dead Memories "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." Aile was born into a tribe of survivors that had banded together under the common idea that the lands stretching from Finland to the Baltic States belonged to Russia, and that Communism should be restored to the Russian government. The tribe called themselves Eesti Nõukogud, or the "Soviets of Estonia." As Aile grew, she adopted their ideals and volunteered as a young child to fight for Communism in Estonia. Periodically her tribe would enter open conflict with others, bullying other smaller tribes into giving them supplies and claiming them as their territory, though few accepted this claim. Aile, from age 8 to 14, carried their tattered tricolor flag with a red hammer and sickle crudely painted in the center, depicting Estonia under Soviet rule once again. At age 14, her father, who was the commander of what little garrisoned soldiers they had, took her beneath his communist wing as his assistant. She trained on both ancient soviet rifles from history long ago to the rifles left behind by the world that had begun to slowly die. From 14 to 18, she participated in combat with her fellow soviet brothers and sisters, and proved an excellent marksman. With every successful conquering of an ill-equipped village or settlement, her nationalism fled. Innocent men and women pushed, assaulted, and killed for no other reason that they weren't Communist. She brought this to the attention of her father, who removed her from the front, and ordered her to become a support sniper. She did so, and as she watched her father tried to capture a woman and shove her into his truck. Enough was enough, and her father would pay. She trained his sights on him, and sent a bullet into his head. Her tribe began hunting for her, but could never find her. Her father had trained her well, in the ways of the old special forces of Russia. She fled east into Russia, finding groups of survivors along the way that pointed her north into the lands of Norway, a state called Nyheim, where they could find refuge for a time. The prospect of refuge gripped her heart tightly, as she left everything behind. And so, she traveled north through Finland, following old signs that pointed the direction. Nyheim was a long travel, but one she would have to make. She could not turn back. The image of her father's lifeless body hitting the ground, the dogs barking behind her as she ran, the empty nights of fear and anger. She had to leave them behind. Nyheim was to be her second chance. Chapter 2: Second Chances: ...
  2. Chapter 1: Her Beginning Israel Hemmig was born into the wasteland, her mother passing with her birth, leaving her disturbed father to care for her. Thanks to his years with the U.S. Marine Corps, he learned many strategies and tactics to survival for years off of localized resources, including improvisations of tools and ways to live off of the surrounding land. As he carefully nurtured and cared for Israel within the wilderness of Finland, after the downfall of Europe. For years they lived out of a long forgotten cabin buried within the evergreen forests of Finland, but one thing grew apparent as Israel grew: she had no voice. From birth, she wept but did not cry or scream, nor giggle or laugh, or make any sounds. Israel was mute, which disturbed her father even more. But he taught her as she grew from an infant to a child. He first taught her to understand English, then write it, albeit very poorly. And that is how they communicated, paper and charcoal. As she grew from infancy to adolescence, he began teaching her how to survive on the land. He also taught her the history of her life and her family, where she came from. Stories of "home" stayed with her forever. The vast plains and rolling hills of Oklahoma warm her dreams in the cold nights. Many times she watched her father weep, and many times she talked him away from his bolt action rifle, reminding him of home. As she continued to age, and fer father grew elderly, he taught her to fight. He knew she would need to use the skill in the world today. At 16, she learned to use the bolt action rifle that he kept in decent condition, as well as how to proficiently use a hunting knife to maim. But as the years passed, so did her father, who grew sick as she turned 20. He eventually passed. Israel fell into a great depression, and buried her father in the permafrost a short distance away from the cabin, beneath an evergreen with the inscription "Here Lies A Loving Father" crudely carved into the trunk. For a time, she continued to live in the cabin, but it only saddened her more. And so as winter gave way to summer and the snow melted, she left the cabin into the wasteland with an amount of supplies to last a short time and the bolt action rifle her father cherished. She wandered for days along an empty road, passed cars long rusted away, through empty towns and villages. Signs pointed to a place called Nyheim. She followed the signs, with no other clear direction to go. Her supplies are running out, and she is resorting to the rationing tactics that her father had taught her, as well as ditching most of her other unnecessary supplies. Nyheim will have to suffice. Chapter 2: Nyheim ......
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