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  1. Born in Essex in 1999, family died at 8, put into foster system before the apocalypse, foster farther (Del) trained Jakson from 8 to survive and kill, Del was killed by rival gang, Jakson slaughtered entire gang under new alias Del. Del decided to make his way towards Nyheim with a peace group he encountered called Krays, within this group a women named Emily caught Del's eye, they grew fond of each other and fell in love. Emily helped Del with his upbringing and changed his mind about how brutal and unforgiving the world is, unfortunately, the Kray group was attacked by bandits and picked off one by one except from Del and Emily, Del protected Emily when they were forced into a building, surrounded by bandits and fought them off long enough for Emily to escape through a vent. Del was out of ammo and bounded on by 20 bandits, they beat Del to the ground and tortured him for Emily's whereabouts, his finger was stripped using sharped tongs exposing his bone in the process, Del stayed loyal and didn't comply, he was slashed across the chest with a machete and left to die. Later that day a stranger found him and nursed Del back to life, the stranger and Del traveled to Nyheim over many months to find Emily.
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