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  1. Cartoonkarl

    [IMPORTANT] Character Deleted after restart?

    Got too comfortable with reconnecting to quickly. Lost my AK101, wont make that mistake again. 'Least gear is replaceable.
  2. The vehicle is easy to drive, easy to get stuck. >.> (I am also no the greatest at driving. Oh well, there goes my Ambulance/Taxi service idea.)
  3. Oops... (I had this for about five minutes, spent ten trying to get it unstuck)
  4. Static could be heard from the other side until there was finally a response. "The days have been rather unkind and I have lost more than a few of my supplies. Its hard to travel cross country to meet every request but I will try and assist where I can." There would be a pause before a sigh of relief could be heard,"Mack? Damn, I cannot believe its you. I travel around but I am currently near the coast, when I get a chance we should meet somewhere north, somewhere safer. But for now I am on the run. Keep your ear on the radio and I'll fill you in soon enough."
  5. Cartoonkarl

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Do it, then all we need is a cop and we could do some 'Civil Protection' shit. You know, like shooting peo- I mean helping people.
  6. *Every hour on the hour, excluding when the sun has set, the same message is transmitted, between this time there is only static with occasional clicks, as if to affirm that someone is listening.* "This is Karl Knapp, former Red Cross medical assistant, I am calling out to all those in Chernarus that can pick up my signal. I seek to provide medical assistance where it is needed. If you require medical aid do respond, keep low and safe, apply pressure to the wound, and wait until I arrive." *There would be a pause, only static.* "Always looking for medicals if any survivor have some spare or for trade." "Do keep safe out there, scavengers, for I, or anyone, cannot save you from a bullet to the heart." *The transmission would end, though the clicking of a radio could be heard every few minutes until the next hour.*
  7. I like to leave notes in open places with a can of soda and some sort of food. Little care packages for the wayward scavenger.
  8. Cartoonkarl

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Wayward Medic Karl Knapp reporting for duty!
  9. Ive actually been rather lucky with finding things. My only suggestion is to look places no one really goes to. Yesterday I went on a 5 hours trek just following roads and seeing where they led. Ended up in multiple towns with a crap ton of loot, untouched. Most of the doors were closed. Just get some basic stuff from the coast and move inland. Go explore, and actually search rather than go to places -everyone- is searching through.
  10. Had some great RP with John Branton as we ran around Chernarus. Sadly we lost our friend Danny.
  11. I ran into random people at a group of barracks in the middle of no where. Then I got shot in the head. Fun RP though.