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  1. Hi everyone, my whitelist application was recently accepted and thought I'd pop my head in the forums to give a formal hello before hopping into the server for the first time. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and excited to see how our stories intertwine, the characters I'll meet and the unique experiences that will be created.
  2. Claire, Kristoffer's mother, was born in Leicester, England to Corporal James Lewis of 2nd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment and Laura Lewis, a primary school teacher. Her father’s unit was assigned to participate in the joint exercise outside of Nyheim, and before she started school, her family took the opportunity to relocate to Andselv, Norway due to the nearby Bardufoss Air base used for training British soldiers in cold weather. When the outbreak hit, her father’s unit was to remain in order provide additional support for the local population of Northern Norway. At the time, she did not know that she would never see her father again. Andselv remained relatively safe initially, however when the first case of CAE-VIR-2 arrived in the village, the town quickly split into 2. 1 party wanting to head south and try their luck in more populated areas while the other party wanted to try their luck in the mountains and woodlands. Laura agreed that fewer people would likely be safer and left with Claire a few dozen other citizens to move into the wilderness. The northern winter was bitter and harsh. Any warmth that could be offered, Laura would offer to Claire. This eventually resulted in Laura catching frostbite and dying. An elderly couple, Anna and Håkon, took Claire into their care following her mother’s death. The party led a nomadic lifestyle, moving campsites every couple of days until eventually finding the now-abandoned mine of Bidjovagge where they decided to settle. Claire would start to enter adulthood in this new settlement and lone travellers would stumble into the community and join. One of these new members was a man by the name of Bård. Kristoffer's father, Bård, was born on the southwestern coast of Norway in the city of Stavanger. He became involved with the family's fishery as soon as he could hold a net. As the news of Nyheim's independence was announced, there was consideration to move the fishery into the less aggressive market of the northern waters, however, the growing tension and threat of war between Nyheim and Norway quickly quashed that thought. Soon after, the outbreak hit and with it, any hopes of keeping the business alive had disappeared. Within the year, entire cities and countries had shut down and the Karlsson family found themselves fleeing Stavanger and heading further and further north. Desperate to find a town that had not been hit with the virus, not realising the futility of the objective. The family arrived at Trondheim, which seemed to have been more prepared for the outbreak and they decided to stay. The following years were relatively comfortable, despite the world’s situation, a semblance of normality began to spread. And whilst the virus was still a large threat, it wasn’t plaguing every thought. The Karlsson family were able to set up a new fishery and help feed the population of the Rosenborg settlement. Being a coastal city, access to the ocean and therefore food was plentiful. The same could not be said for neighbouring villages, who either were not permitted to use the waters, or didn’t have the knowledge and equipment required. Theft of supplies soon turned into attacks and raids. Whilst these attacks were mostly repelled, Bård felt it would only be a matter of time before that would no longer be the case and decided to abandon the settlement in favour of finding his own way. Using lakes for food and water and trees for shelter, he travelled what he felt was aimlessly. One day, he stumbled across an abandoned mine and decided to see if he could scavenge anything useful. As he got closer, he realised it was already inhabited. His mind was telling him to turn and run before he is spotted, but another part required the human contact that he had missed during his travels. Despite his better judgement, he continued to the mine where he was surprisingly met with warmth and friendliness rather than hostility. Bård forgot how much he missed human interaction especially after a woman who introduced herself as Claire seemed to take an interest in him. With little convincing, Bård was allowed to join the community. Bård and Claire were fond of eachother and it was no surprise to anyone to find out that they had entered a relationship. But all was not calm for long. The community’s friendliness to outsiders would eventually harm them when one of the new arrivals stole from the supply store and fled. Soon after, new arrivals were no longer a couple of people every few months but rather armed groups demanding tax, in the form of supplies, for staying in their county. Whilst initially complying, the demands became larger and more frequent. They were no longer able to satisfy these bandits, and upon refusal a firefight broke out and their store was entirely raided. Claire had also confirmed that she had fell pregnant. With that news, Bård, Claire and a few other survivors of the assault decided the mine was not sustainable or safe, especially for a child. They had heard rumours that a nearby settlement was safe and decided that it was worth the risk of it being false. As soon night fell that same day they journeyed off northeast. They soon found themselves stood before makeshift walls and gates—Nyheim. The settlement was still in its infancy, so in return for Bård helping catch fish and Claire helping with the cooking for the community, they were allowed entry and given shelter. Claire eventually went into labour and give birth to a boy, however Claire died due to complications during childbirth. Kristoffer was motherless before he even drew his first breath, this would be tough in the best of times, but during a global pandemic that had been destroying the world for the past few decades, it was just another item to add to the list of awful things he would have to live with. His only parent would have to spend large portions of his day ensuring Nyheim could be fed, meaning he was often left with the other abandoned children. He would see even less of his father as pressure ramped up to build a store of food as the decision came to not just accept new members into the community, but to actively invite them and act as a beacon of hope. Karlsson grew up amongst rapid expansion, new faces would appear daily, old buildings were destroyed and turned into factories. Whenever his father was able to spend any time with him it was to teach him how to survive if Nyheim was to ever fall. Kristoffer, like his father, learned to fish from a young age, but lessons on cooking, creating a camp and even how to fire a gun was where his childhood lessons differed. Fascinated by all the hustle and bustle that Nyheim was now in, Kristoffer would roam around, always happy to lend a hand passing a hammer, holding a ladder sturdy or running errands for whoever asked. When PLIKT came to establish itself as the de facto government, Bård instilled into Kristoffer the importance of self-reliance. “A government can lie, deceive, change its mind. Your heart is the only thing that will always remain true. I truly believe they are here to provide safety and build a new, better world, but dependence should never be delegated.” This was the last thing Bård ever said to his son. The Nyheim quarantine was announced later that day. Kristoffer’s realisation that his father was locked within the Quarantine Zone, took a while to surface, but there are only so many alternate possibilities that one can convince himself of. He convinced himself that it would only be a temporary measure and that his father was safe and would be allowed back soon, but then the bombs dropped… 2 years have now passed since Kristoffer has taken his father’s words into practice and practically withdrawn from the society within Nyheim. His father’s fears had come true and he has paid the price for not acting upon it more.
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