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  1. Cant find the date of birth example
  2. Brad was a scrapper for his group but after a incident where he was cut off from his contact for a week, he came back to find everyone had cleared out. Leaving Brad to move towards the main City, believing that the only way they could have gone was towards the camps and larger more stable areas. Atleast, he thought they were stable. Brad is now weeks into hiding and moving from house to house and night, staying away from the cities and larger areas, But always searching for his group. He has lost most of his body weight and has been living off of berries and scraps of food, losing his strength and the sanity he had once clung onto. But always holding onto hope that he can find the people he cared for. (Because of lack of food and loneliness Brad is having a hard time remembering his group which is why no one is mentioned in particular here.)
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