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  1. Having been born out in the boonies in the small European country of Denmark, he was raised without much to go on. Other than learning how to hunt, kill, cook and ethics. Having been born in the pandemic he never knew anything else than having to be careful of these pests. His parents and him moved slowly towards the bridge in order to get to sweden, but got caught in the last town as they got ambushed by a couple of bandits. His parents told him to run away and hide, and as he could do nothing but watch them get shot in an attempt to protect him. He lived the next two years in captivity of the bandits, as he was used both as bait and general slave to them. He escaped one quiet night, when they're base in the upper parts of sweden were attacked by another group who's reasoning where unbeknown to him. Now he wanders the lands, hoping to avoid the dead, and to not join them. Having at this point seen plenty of people get killed, but never actually pulled the trigger himself, is a way that he intends to keep it.
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