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  1. Lyle grew up in Brooklyn New York with his brother Jax Rippt, when he turned 6 his parents were killed in a Freak accident in a crack house in which they were renovating had a ton of booby traps and a shotgun rigged to a stair in the house killed them. He was sent to his grand parents house and stayed with them in Nyheim. where Lyle picked up medical books from his grandmas Library, he would go on to torment a few animals before asking his grandma to teach him since she was a former Nurse. Lyle would always Patch up his brother from all the fights he got in. By the Age of 15 Lyle had become Versed in the medical field to the capacity of stitching up his brother and Sometimes taking bullets out of him. While he never officially ran with Jeremy Malico, Lyle would always tend to their wounds. The day of the Outbreak Lyle was tending to one of Malicos Goons. When one of the other goon at the door waiting started to Convulse and fell to the floor. Lyle having almost finished with the gunshot wound on the first goon. said "here wrap yourself up, you'll be fine" as he gave the goon a bandage and gausses to finish up. Lyle a bit tired from the previous operation stumbled over to the Goon that fell over. "Yo what's wrong with you, you good?" right as he said that the goon on the floor started to have what looked like a seizure "Holy fuck" said Lyle as he tried putting the goon on his side. When Lyle touched the goon convulsing, his eyes locked on to Lyle. "Oh fuck no!" Lyle exclaimed as he immediately stood up and walked back to grab a gun. The Goon on the floor started to crawl its way over to Lyle and as it was about to reach him The goon on the operating table shot the turned goon in the head. Lyle looked at the Goon on the operating table and said "what the fuck happened to him?" The Goon replied: "Eh, must have had some back pasta or something' ". Lyle then quickly made his way to the TV to see what was happening. and found out about the outbreak. "I gotta find Luci" exclaimed Lyle, "I can take you to where he'd probably be" said the goon as he tightly rapped his Leg, The Goon Lead Lyle to a house in the woods where they Would find Jax and decided to hide out for the time being.
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