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  1. It was tons of fun! The masked folk made it quite nerve-wracking, all fun things to interact with. And somehow my second time in the span of three days having to deal with someone losing an eye. Great job with roleplaying the injuries and your character development, been quite an interesting thing to see overtime.
  2. Born in late 2044, Digby was introduced as one of the new generations in the wasteland for a small settlement located in Utsjoki, Finland. While his mother was his only parent at the time, with his father having been an unknown figure to him, he quickly regarded the entire tightly knit community as his family for the years to come. He spent most of his early childhood with his mother and the group's workers, learning the ropes of the harsh world and being amazed by the stories of the old world. During this time, Digby had gained a small love for music and regarded it as one of the better things from the tales of a seemingly ancient world, which had caused him to begin to pick up and learn how to play the banjo. But the good times eventually came to a close around the beginnings of winter in 2057, when Digby was becoming a teenager. The frigid cold of this particular winter led to shortages in food supplies, causing a majority of the growing population to become desperate. As a result, some settlement members had resorted to banditry, causing tensions between members over morals. Tensions soon grew into small fights before finally boiling over in the settlement, resulting in it dissolving at the end of the year. With nowhere much to go, Digby, his mother, and a few good friends from the settlement began to travel north, deciding to follow the rumors and tales of a utopia by the name of Nyheim. While traveling was harsh, Digby could mature and become used to the calloused living in the wastes. As he continued northwards, following clues and snippets of information, the group he traveled with changed over time, with old friends disappearing and new companions appearing. These years largely shaped his views on the world, gaining an enthusiastic and optimistic opinion, but not being so naive to think that everything was daisies and roses. And so time went on until soon they finally reached the blossoming city of Nyheim sometime in 2061. Taking a good bit of time to adjust to the calmer city life, Digby soon found work in one of the city's many factories. From here, his life evened over the years out into a routine of working away at his job while spending his free time playing banjo at bars with friends and taking time off to be with his mother, who had grown weak over their travels due to age and exasperation. Which eventually resulted in her passing due to pneumonia in the late 2060s. While devastating to Digby, he soon moved onwards and continued living in the city, becoming a part of its community as he had all those years ago in his childhood. But, that all changed as parts of Nyheim began to undergo lockdowns. Digby began to notice how the city was changing, many of the changes reminding him distinctly of his childhood home—causing him to warn his friends early on of what was to come when the first riots began. With this, he began preparations to leave the cities boundaries at any moment, packing small rations and what little he had over time to ensure his safety. His nervousness had led to a slight dislike of both groups, the many civilian groups and PLIKT themselves, due to their roles. Yet Nyheim was his home, and he was unwilling to leave it so soon, which resulted in him attempting to stay in the city over the years and stay as neutral as possible. Eventually leading to the stillness and presence of 2071, Digby continues his life, hoping to bring some pseudo-optimism and enthusiasm with him in the form of music and a good story.
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