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  1. John is son of Gunnar Ipsen, together they are trying to survive this brutal situation the world has become. John is a very nervrous guy, which makes him a easy target to convince into taking some stupid chocies in life, thats why Gunnar is watching over me. In the early years Gunnar was taking me into the woods and learned me how to hunt and shoot, we used many years in my childhood, inside the woods bonding and learn how to survive with out modern electronics. The later years of my life I decided to move out and try to get my self a familiy when everything startede to act wierd and diffrent, the media started to report about "sick" people more and more often. Which led me into become a bit of a stranger, i moved into a little forest cabin and lived in the woods for some years, which made me a person of craftmanship and a surviver. While I lived the forest I took distance to civilaztation and minded my own buisness, learned how to collect food from the trees and how to capture small animals in various small traps. I see my self as an independtent person who rather wanna mind my own buisness and want to keep to my self with out makeing to many enemy's. After a couple of years i moved back to Gunnar and started my life is a travler in hes companionship.
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