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  1. Gunnar Ipsen comes from a family of hunters. Reaching his teens, Gunnar's dad handed down an old family heirloom, a old hunting rifle and took the young Gunnar with him to hunt deer. This experience sparked a fire inside young Gunnar and he had found a purpose. Anytime he could Gunnar would go with his dad to hunt. One fateful night while Gunnars dad was out hunting alone, encountered an infected and got hurt bad, his cries were heard through the forest and Gunnar rushed out to help his dad not knowing what had happened. He reached his dad and saw him bloody on the ground with an equally bloody person laying ontop of him, with a knife impaling its neck. Screaming his dads name to hear just any sign of life as he keeps rushing towards him, pushing the corpse off his dad and helps him up and walks him back home half carrying his dad on the shoulder. During night his dad turns infected from the wounds inflicted earlier, killing his wife, Gunnars mom. The screams haunting Gunnar still to this day. He slowly approaches his parents room, fear still running down his spine for what could have happend. He hears the maiming on the door stop. and slowly opens up the door. The room being dark, makes it hard for Gunnar to see what is going on inside only a light growl can be heard. He turns on the light and to his horror sees his own dad eat the intestines of his mother. Horrified he freezes for a brief moment before rushing to the basement where their hunting equipment is stored. His father rushing after him in a bloodlust with blood still dripping down from his mouth. Gunnar makes it to the basement just in time to grab his dads rifle and unload a single shot. Unable to believe what has just occured, thinking its just a bad nightmare Gunnar contemplates suicide as a measure to wake himself up but could not go through with it in the end. He packs a bag with light supplies and his dads old rifle and a necklace from his mother with their family photo inside to never forget who they were. Years pass and Gunnar meats a woman, Karen. he fell in love with her and they had a son, John. The same fate happend to Karen, as it did his parents.
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