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  1. Born in 2045 in Istanbul, Turkey, Eldar Aliyev was born to a family of Azeri-Persian former scientists who emigrated from Azerbaijan to Turkey as the world had started to collapse under the CAE-VIR-2 virus. His family consisted of mostly medical professionals, researcher's in the Azeri chemical weapons program. As he grew older and understood the new essence of how the world was structured under such a harsh virus, his curiosity led to a passion for research and investigation. As society was practically collapsing and the face of standardized education across Universities, colleges, etc began to diminish and collapse he underwent research of his own throughout the quarantine zone of Istanbul. With the help of some family members, apart from the stance of safety and comfort in their quarantine zone he manages to find old buildings that were reshaped and refitted for the purpose of the quarantine zone that previously served as Turkey's science and research libraries and programs for Istanbul's research institute. Week after week and night after night Eldar scavenged, read, and studied with the practicum of basic and advanced sciences ranging from general biochemistry to the pathophysiology of diseases until the age of 21. He eventually practiced at a small clinic under doctoral supervision in Istanbul in success until he was directed to join a Turkic medical mission "Sınırların ötesindeki doktorlar" that would cross into certain quarantine/safe zones across Europe (//ooc this would be the equivalent to doctors without borders.) . After his first mission in Parnu, Estonia, Eldar moved to the next mission based in Nyheim at 23 years of age in order to set up a clinic training site for the quarantine zone. Yet, leaving his family behind back in Turkey, his mission extended 3 more years as the aid was dire to the region as the recent conflicts had ravaged the region itself. This would extend his stay and bog him down in Nyheim as the mission pilots and some personel were kidnapped and others became sick causing the humanitarian medical mission to halt its progress elsewhere and see himself stuck in Nyheim. This being said, as the hope of getting back home had dimished, through the training and studies through practicum. Eldar found hope and had a dream in developing one of the top medical sites in all of the quaratine zones, no matter the cost, time, or effort. He wants to see the continuation of reconstruction in Nyhiem and a thriving and healthy populace.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I don't have a link, or post, however I do have evidence from a screenshot of the blacklist on my account. The account link was through steam therefore blacklisting my steam account under the name "arash008". Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was completely fair at the time being as I much younger and did not put my complete effort in the process itself. It has been quite a couple of years since the blacklist and it would not seem fair for it to continue. It would be fair to allow a clean start to join the server once again, when I did play on the DayZRP server's I abided by the rules, had not cheated nor exploited within the game, and enjoyed my time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: At the time being, I was still in high school and not taking many things seriously just in the way upon how lousy I was with the quiz and application process at the time. People change and as i'm about to finish University and have built a new PC, I would like to be apart of the community once again. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to reapply and undergo the whitelist process again as it has been a couple of years since my blacklist and be able to play and join the community once again. What could you have done better?: Understood and read the rules clearly, review or had a complete understanding prior to the application quiz.
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