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  1. Nicos was born the son of Greek Cypriot migrants and the daughter of an American expat caught on Gotland during the initial spread of diseases that would decimate humanity. To survive, they turned to his father's trade, fishing the sea and living for a time on the boat in order to keep away from the dangers of land. Eventually, this would coalesce into a small community of fishermen near Visby, and the meeting of his parents would see him born in early 2044. Nicos largely was home-educated during the early years of his life, and learned to pick up the trade with his family. Fortunes for the community gradually waned, however, as machines broke down and replacement parts became scarce. After a time, the community was forced to rely more heavily on farming, however, this development soon brought with it the eyes of greedy and hungry people who regularly exacted tribute. In the early 2060s, the community was scattered by attacks from bandits, and Nicos' family -- his mother, father, and older brother -- escaped on their sail-rigged boat and headed towards Sweden. The family lived largely nomadic since then, moving from community to community to find a better life. As lights started to grow on the horizon and the promise of industry and civilization, Nicos petitioned his family again and again to seek it out, wondering if the price for their independence was a constant uncertainty of small harvests, roving animals, and greedy humans. Succeeding in convincing his family, Nicos left with a backpack and a hope, heading north on his own in an attempt to find the holy grail -- a safe home -- to bring his family to once and for all. Nicos' life has made him wary of others, but not to the point of paranoia. Memories of the community near Visby where he spent his youngest years temper his occasional bitterness and drive him towards a hope for a finding yet more like-minded people to share a new community with. He is a little taciturn with strangers, but opens up easily. He is generally a kind individual and will go out of his way to help others in need and perform other acts of charity. His thoughts first and foremost are centered on his family, and the demands of commitments beyond them will likely not make much purchase with him. Unsurprisingly, Nicos enjoys fishing, and conversely finds farming and gardening to be somewhat dull and passive. As a young man, he craves new experiences and a lack of routine, both of which are offered by the sea and the road. His most treasured possession is a simple fish hook necklace which he made before his departure from home. His family consists of his father Christos, his mother Juliana, and his older brother Nikolai. His grandparents passed away before he was born, and he had one younger sister who was stillborn when he was eight. He takes the most after his older brother, who remained behind to protect the family when he set out on his journey.
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