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  1. Rhain (Ree-an) Pace, or Wren - an affectionate name her mother gave her that stuck around throughout her life - was born to an American scientist, Katie Pace, who had been stranded in Europe during a study abroad for her master's thesis on the migration of birds, when the outbreak happened. The outbreak, however, did not stop her studies, eventually, though it delayed them somewhat - her passion for the natural world continued, and she joined many nomad groups, aiding them with finding plants and animals to survive, and continuing her own cataloguing of nature. Rhian was born late in her mother’s life, in a settlement near Ander’s Holdfast, with a doctor in the British Isles. Their affair was brief, and Rhain only knew her father for a few years, before her mother’s inevitable wanderlust moved her and her child on to other areas. Katie passed down all that she knew, her passion and knowledge, her education from an almost forgotten time, to her daughter, Rhain. Raised by her mother in this manner, learning the names of plants and animals and about them, Rhain learned much - both the useful knowledge of food and natural medicine, as well as the more esoteric knowledge of a scientist. Her childhood was spent roaming much of Europe with nomads. Like any with such a background inevitably, she developed a wariness for the dangers of the world - from infected, to humans, to even the natural world her mother taught her to love so much. Nature and life were harsh and unforgiving as much as they were beautiful. Upon her mother’s death, she continued her work. A dislike of politics and human conflict was bred into her, and she avoids such things like the plague - and so more often than not, she often keeps herself aloof, distrusting of people, particularly of governments and large organizations. She has newly arrived in Nyheim, with little knowledge on the people of the area, to compare notes that her mother made decades ago on the region's wildlife to their current status - with a particular interest in the recovery of populations of large carnivores such as bears, wolves, and wolverines.
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