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  1. When I was born, I lived with my parents for a little bit, until they died in a car crash, killing my siblings, and parents. With my grandparents unable to provide the childhood and necessities I needed as a baby, they gave me to an orphanage, where I lived all of my childhood and all of my years as a teenager. Once I turned 18, I was kicked out and had to live on my own. I went to the streets, as it was the only place I could go to after I had to leave the orphanage. Drugs, Guns, Money was all I knew. I eventually got a job running a 24/7 Gas Station, but eventually got fired for stealing some of the money the Gas Station had made from sales. After realizing what life meant to me, I started picking myself back up. I got a new job, got an apartment, and everything was going well. Despite all of this, I sold all of my things and in July 2069, I had taken a boat and made my way to Nyheim. Here, I settled and lived a happy, normal life, until 2070-2071. Streets filled with armed guards, people getting guns smuggled to them to protect themselves, and overall life was different than anywhere I had been. Christmas day 2070 really shook me up, and it made me go back to my old ways back in Nanao, Japan. I needed to protect myself, I need to make sure that everyone knows that they can't kill me, or be the ones that rule me.
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