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  1. weezera

    Back at it

    Thanks for the quick respond!Tho it seems like i may have to wait a while until i can create a new one.Mark the thread as solved
  2. Hello!0.60 hit recently and i decieded to go back to playing Dayz and i remembered that you guys have a great community and are fans of the RP.Since i got whitelisted before i quit for a while i wanted to ask - How can i see my back story (with my name and everything) so i can get back to playing. Thanks in advance!
  3. weezera

    DayZ SA

    ooh nvm sorry my port was wrong
  4. weezera

    DayZ SA

    Soo i got whitelisted today and i launch my DayZ SA and i cant find the server!?! Is it a problem that i only have DayZ SA not ArmA 2 or DayZ mod ?
  5. i red then 10 times word by word
  6. nope still cant find it ... is this some kind of trick so i can learn the rules by heart because i know every paragraph of them ... forget about it i am giving up i dont have all to read for 10th time the rules cheers for the great community!
  7. i wasnt reading the mod rules ... thanks alot guys
  8. I read the rules 3 times slowly and lost 30 mins in searching and i still cant find them so please if someone can help i would appriciate it