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  1. EARLY LIFE Daniel Newman, raised in a small council estate in North London by his mother who brought him up by herself, she was also heavily disabled. Newman knew very little about his father and he couldn't care less about finding out anymore after hearing about his abusive and alcoholic background. When Daniel was a little boy he was a charmer but also very very devious. He'd always get what he wanted due to his caring mother who couldn't say no to her little boy who she was lucky to have in the first place. After leaving primary school Newman was considered to be a bright young star who would do well in life, it's fair to say during his time in secondary school his grades plummeted and so did his attendance. Hating the fact that he didn't have a choice in what he wanted to study, during the first half of his teenage years he lacked serious self-motivation and was very lost in what he wanted to do in life. Newman was also an avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter of his local team back in London. If his team lost his mood was down for the whole week! This showed Newman's intense passion for things he cared about. Newman had a lot of hobbies while growing up, also proving to be quite a decent cook and gamer. MOVE TO NYHEIM Newman and his mother made the move to Nyheim after hearing the promises that the country's officials were making. A safe place to live and strict rules when it came to dealing with the "Infected". It seemed to be quite the improvement on their current living situation in London. They made the move nearing the late 1960's. Newman and his mum made the journey from the UK to Norway and then finding their way up north by any means necessary. Newman's mother's condition was worsening due to the extreme cold as they went on their journey. Once they reached Nyheim, Newman's mother was cared for once they were inside the walls. It was a new way of life, a safe way of life. That was until the news was spread that there were murders occurring in the region, describing horrific things such as bite marks and black blood. THE DOWNFALL The government failed to keep their promises, the same old story that's been repeated for hundreds of years. Newman's mother was killed when riots reached their neighbourhood and their house was bombed. Newman was visiting a friend in another part of the town they were placed in when it happened. This caused Newman to be lost for a few weeks till he realised that downfall was near for Nyheim and he had to prepare and sort himself out if he was going to survive. He constantly reminded himself that his mother would want him to go on for as long as he could and that he was fortunate to be in his current position... alive. That leads us to today.
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