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  1. Matthew Treays

    Matty Treays grew up in what most would call your bog standard British Sub-Urban neighbourhood, where he'd live a normal childhood, playing out with friends and causing mischief. It all began to go "wrong" for Matty once he hit the age 15 and was introduced to his now best pal Aaron Pico. Aaron was older than Matty and had a lot of connections per-se in the underground world and had Matty selling drugs making money and partying hard by the age of 17. He'd be going to college to study photography for 7, finish at 3, and go take a bollock load of ecstasy with his mates by 5. He was in his own perfect little world. Obviously, this lifestyle only takes you so far. By the time Matty was 21, he'd still be leading that same lifestyle much to the dismay of his now distant family and recently deceased best friend, Aaron. His best friend lost his life due to a drugs overdose, leaving Matty in control of this large scale drugs empire. The death of his friend and stress of trying to run an empire took a volatile effect on Matty. He'd turn completely sour, soulless, a mess. Moving on to harder drugs, harsher punishments for his customers who deemed it fair to not pay on time, he'd become everything he never wanted to be.
  2. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

  3. How many use Shadow Play?

    Yup I use Shadow Play, handy tool. Also good for capturing funny moments with friends on different games.
  4. No loot?

    There's lots of loot, just not on the Coast.
  5. Personally, albeit a kinda' small detail, I'd like it so when the lore is wiped, it's not Day 1 of the outbreak. Maybe we'd be like, 1-2 week(s) into the outbreak. This way it's easily explained why there is already a large number of infected, and why houses etc are already torn up.
  6. People can use Telekinesis

    I mean, I'd personally classify it as MG. Why is a group of players allowed to communicate during an RP/IC scenario without people outside of the group being able to hear, as you say, f*cking telepathy? It's not on, really. But as it has been stated above, it really isn't something that can be enforced atm. But if groups wanna' use TS for IG/IC scenarios and ruin RP for those outside of that TS chat, then whatever. Nothing can be done about it, until we get modding and hopefully something similar to TFR is introduced.
  7. Am I reading this shit right?

    This will probably come Q1/2 2018, tbh. Development is slower than ever and the game (outside of DayZRP) is dying by the day. I sincerely hope the Beta is released this year, but I don't hold my breathe anymore.
  8. Is everyone ex-military?

    Funnily enough I have actually read your chars profile and all I can see is well f*ckin' done, lol. Thoroughly enjoyed the read and is an example of how those sort of characters should be done!
  9. Is everyone ex-military?

    Never played a military/ex-military/uber badass character before, far too boring in my honest opinion. Lacks creativity, unless they have a very solid background story that is actually believable. Rather than the standard "Got dropped off here on a plane and lost the rest of my squad" rubbish, lol.
  10. Where are all the new members?

    Eh, I'm in England and due to work I get on when all you Yanks are playing at about 2AM my time, 50+ people, usually.
  11. Greetings Wastelanders!

    Welcome and good luck!
  12. The Alcoholic is in.

    A few shots of vodka on a night out doesn't make you an alcoholic, no one can keep up with us Brits! Jokes aside, welcome! :'D
  13. Paraphrase

    Actually read the rules, you'll find it mate. Don't just skim through them, that will only result in you not knowing the rules OR the phrase.