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  1. Matty Treays grew up in what most would call your bog standard British Sub-Urban neighbourhood, where he'd live a normal childhood, playing out with friends and causing mischief. Matt studied photography and media in college, two subjects that would eventually take him to University to further his studies. In May of 2017 the company Matt worked for, Alamy, had organised a 2 month long trip to Chenarus to gather stock photos of the scenary. He was getting paid well and being allocated free acomodation, so this, on top already wanting a getaway and fresh start, Matty took up on the offer and jetted away to the country of Chenarus. It had been a week and Matty was struggling to fit into his new surroundings. He decided to head to a local bar in an attempt to find someone, anyone, to have a chat with. Luckily for him, he sat next a Chernarussian man named Vitali. Vitali introduced himself in his language, but after a confused look and an awkward smile Vitali realised that Matty was not a local, and again introduced himself in English. Matt and Vitali hit it off, the fact that he was one of the few people that spoke English well was a big bonus. But even then, the two had a lot in common and would often meet up at the local bars for drinks. The two became very close, Matty would tell Vitali stories of his homeland and in return Vitali taught Matty how to handle a fire arm, they'd go hunting most weekends. About 2 months had passed and it was almost time for Matty to pack up and return to England. That being shortly before what has been deemed the end of the world in the eyes of many...
  2. RavioliKing

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

  3. RavioliKing

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  4. Yup I use Shadow Play, handy tool. Also good for capturing funny moments with friends on different games.
  5. There's lots of loot, just not on the Coast.
  6. RavioliKing

    Community Suggestions and Ideas for Lore Wipe + Beyond

  7. RavioliKing

    Community Suggestions and Ideas for Lore Wipe + Beyond

    Personally, albeit a kinda' small detail, I'd like it so when the lore is wiped, it's not Day 1 of the outbreak. Maybe we'd be like, 1-2 week(s) into the outbreak. This way it's easily explained why there is already a large number of infected, and why houses etc are already torn up.
  8. RavioliKing

    People can use Telekinesis

    I mean, I'd personally classify it as MG. Why is a group of players allowed to communicate during an RP/IC scenario without people outside of the group being able to hear, as you say, f*cking telepathy? It's not on, really. But as it has been stated above, it really isn't something that can be enforced atm. But if groups wanna' use TS for IG/IC scenarios and ruin RP for those outside of that TS chat, then whatever. Nothing can be done about it, until we get modding and hopefully something similar to TFR is introduced.
  9. RavioliKing

    Am I reading this shit right?

    This will probably come Q1/2 2018, tbh. Development is slower than ever and the game (outside of DayZRP) is dying by the day. I sincerely hope the Beta is released this year, but I don't hold my breathe anymore.
  10. Funnily enough I have actually read your chars profile and all I can see is well f*ckin' done, lol. Thoroughly enjoyed the read and is an example of how those sort of characters should be done!
  11. Never played a military/ex-military/uber badass character before, far too boring in my honest opinion. Lacks creativity, unless they have a very solid background story that is actually believable. Rather than the standard "Got dropped off here on a plane and lost the rest of my squad" rubbish, lol.
  12. Eh, I'm in England and due to work I get on when all you Yanks are playing at about 2AM my time, 50+ people, usually.
  13. A few shots of vodka on a night out doesn't make you an alcoholic, no one can keep up with us Brits! Jokes aside, welcome! :'D
  14. Actually read the rules, you'll find it mate. Don't just skim through them, that will only result in you not knowing the rules OR the phrase.